Sunday, 25 June 2017

'Sweat-Proof' Makeup Look

England has recently had a spell of absolutely lovely sunny weather, albeit slightly erring on the side of too hot, as we Brits do like to complain. I do not wear makeup everyday, only if I need/want to - so you can bet every 'lazy' Sunday I have I 100% have a naked face. I naturally avoided wearing makeup as much as possible during this particular heatwave, but on some occasions I couldn't avoid it as I went out for meals or wanted to look nice. However, I seem to have found a perfect combination of products as my makeup did not move or melt all day every time I applied it! 

Update before photos: If you didn't know, I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, so as a result my hair has fallen out. I am now basically bald and I wear a wig when I leave the house. My makeup stands out more on photos without the wig, so from now on in blog posts I might include pictures with both (like a before and after) so you can see the difference too.

Products Used:
*L'Oreal Paris 'True Match Highlight' in Icy Glow
*Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Foundation
*Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer
*MAC 'Painterly' Paint Pot
*Soap & Glory 'Solar Powder' Bronzer
*Sleek 'Distorted Dreams' Highlighter Palette
*Benefit 'Brow Zings'
*Benefit 'Gimme Brow'
*Tanya Burr 'Hollywood Eyes' Palette
*Charlotte Tilbury 'Amazing Grace'

Can you recommend any long-lasting 'sweat proof' makeup products?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Two New Shoulder Bags

I don't know about you, but in summer time, I am all about the quirky little shoulder bags. It is way too hot and heavy to be lugging around a great big 'Mary Poppins'-esque bag with everything but the kitchen sink in. In summer, I prefer everything much easier and quicker. With this in mind, I made a sneaky little purchase on and added two cute shoulder bags to my basket.

I've wanted to order from for a long time, as they are always advertised on my Facebook and Instagram feeds, so I thought a bag purchase would test the quality first before I splurge on clothes. I got 60% off my order, making these bags highly affordable, and I think you can get 60% off too on your first order. The shipping took about a week, but as it was free shipping I couldn't really complain, and it is a Chinese company so I was expecting it to take longer.

Starting with the Flower Embroidery Flap Chain Crossbody Bag. I bought this bag as I don't own any white bags at all, and I like the multi-coloured floral embroidery detailing as a fun way to jazz up a boring outfit, or to incorporate more colour. Also white is such a summery colour! It has a simple click in to place fastening, and just one big pocket inside. It is not the biggest bag, and it will probably just hold the essentials, but sometimes that is all one needs. It also has a long gold chain for the handle which makes the bag fall on my hip. I got this for £15.14, and its full price is £35.07. The only thing to be wary about with wearing a white bag with jeans is that the colour of the jeans could transfer on to the bag, especially if its from a cheaper material, which this could be as I haven't tested it yet. It feels quite nice quality though.

The Camera Shaped Crossbody Bag with Buckle was a love at first sight purchase. As you may have noticed, I am putting more effort in to my blog and loving it, and so taking beautiful pictures is currently an obsession that I am trying to perfect, so buying anything camera related helps right?  Even though this bag is smaller in height, it has more hidden pockets and is wider, so will hold the same amount of stuff or even more potentially. It has a pocket at the back that doesn't close but looks perfect for a phone that can be easily slipped in and out, and then a small zip pocket on the inside. The cute lens is also a small little circular pocket with a zip. It also features a gold chain handle, but with a striped buckle to make it slightly more comfortable on your shoulder, and the chain is shorter making the bag fall above my hip. I again got this bag for £15.14, and its full price is again £35.07. 

What are your current favourite bags?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Rimmel London 'Brow Shake Filling Powder' Review

Rimmel London recently brought out some new products for their eyebrow collection, and one product in particular caught my eye. I have been pretty loyal to Benefit's Brow Zings since around 2015, but anything slightly cheaper and quicker is always useful.

I do prefer the trend of slightly thicker eyebrows, and I maintain my eyebrow's shape myself now after the last time, a year ago, when I got them waxed at my local beauty salon and was left with hardly any eyebrows! However, I do still prefer my eyebrows to look like eyebrows - the classic Instagram brow is slightly too strong of a look for me as I am pale and blond. If you prefer this style too, this product might not be for you.

The Brow Shake Filling Powder comes in four shades; Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Soft Black. I picked up the lightest shade, and in my opinion it is a great colour match. The applicator is a flexible thin sponge which you drag through your brows, and it evenly dispenses a pigmented, smooth powder which lasts all day and doesn't transfer. I would say that you do need to have a shape to your brows already, as this product isn't very good at drawing in individual lines and getting precise lines. If you do want it to look slightly more precise, you could always run an eyebrow brush through it afterwards, or clean it up with concealer or a matte powder. If you have particularly unruly brows, you will still need to use a setting gel over the top too.

 This is how my eyebrows looked after using this product. As you can see, they look full and thick, and the colour match is good, without them being too over done - they could still pass off as natural. For £5.99 I would highly recommend this product as it is very user friendly and fast - I did my eyebrows from start to finish in about three minutes.

There are times when I will still use other brow products, such as if I was going out out and wanted a heavier makeup look, or if I wanted my eyebrows to look extra good one day, when I would resort to other products that are more precise, but for an everyday look you cannot go wrong with these products.

Have you tried Rimmel's Brow Shake Filling Powder?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Golden Brown Cut Crease Eye Look

My last post was a First Impression of the Ardere 'Natural to Night' Eyeshadow Palette, which you can read here if you missed it. Spoiler alert - I love it! Since that post went live, I have been playing around with the palette and I thought that I would share with you a wearable and easy to follow golden brown cut crease eye look, created using just the one palette.

The whole look in natural lighting before I realised I had forgotten to put on mascara!

This eye look follows a brown winged line, which is then connected all the way to the inner corner, just above the crease.

Step 1 - Apply a primer to conceal any veins and redness, and to ensure the eyeshadow stays in place. I used MAC Paintpot in 'Painterly'.

Step 2 - Apply the shade 'Peachy' all over the lid to set the primer, and then concentrate it in to the crease and slightly above, to start defining the crease. The trick is to apply just a little product on to the brush, and blend it multiple times. You can always add more product, but taking it off is much tricker!

Step 3 - Apply the shade 'Tea Time' to the crease, starting from the outer corner and working it all the way to the inner corner.

Step 4 - Create a winged line with the shade 'Stylish', and connect it to the crease via one thin line
Step 5 - Apply the shade 'Date Night' all over the lid, concentrating it more on the inner corner, and centre of the eyelid.

Step 6 - Ensure that the crease stays quite defined, but blend the shades 'Peachy', 'Tea Time' and 'Stylish' together so that they join together and integrate to create an ombre effect.

Step 6 - Run 'Date Night' under the inner half of the eye, and 'Stylish' under the outer half and blend in to the wing. 

Step 7 - Apply 'Peachy' above the cut crease and along the winged line to ensure it stays defined.

Step 8 - Apply 'Candlelight' under the brow bone and on the very inner corner for an extra sparkle.

Step 9 - Curl eyelashes and apply mascara - I used Too Faced 'Better Than Sex'

The whole makeup look in artificial lighting, and I now have mascara on too. As you can see, the cut crease gives a slightly different eye look to normal and draws a lot more focus to the eyes, but it is still definitely wearable.

The eye look under flash. Love how this eyeshadow palette's glitter shades are so pigmented!

Would you try this eyeshadow look?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ardere 'Natural to Night' Palette First Impression

The blogging community is such a wonderful community to be a part of, especially on Twitter. However, I always find myself reading other blogs or watching videos and discovering new products, which I write down on my ever growing wish list. This eyeshadow palette is no exception. 

I first discovered this palette from Ardere from Joyce Lau's 'May Favourites' post (which you can read here). I then watched Amena's 'Natural to Night Makeup Look' video where she showcases her own product (which you can watch here). I was sold and instantly bought it.

The reason that I was able to buy the Ardere 'Natural to Night' Palette straight away was because it costs just £18 online, making each eyeshadow just £2. For this reason alone, I was a bit skeptical at the quality. However, this palette is exceptional. 

The palette is made up of nine extremely wearable and buildable shades with three different formulas: four matte (Peachy, Tea Time, Sunset & Stylish); four metallic (Candlelight, Date Night, Sultry and Stiletto) and one diamond (Diamond). Each shade is highly pigmented - especially the four metallic shades, however these particular shades do come with a slight amount of fall out. The range of shades allows for a number of looks ranging from more natural looks to more glamorous looks, hence the name. 

The packaging could be improved, but as the quality of the eyeshadows inside is so good, in my eyes the packaging can be forgiven. It is in black, sturdy cardboard packaging with a strong magnetic closure. As it is cardboard, the packaging can get grubby, but its nothing a makeup wipe can't fix. The one problem many people may have with this palette is that it does not come with a mirror, so travelling wise you would potentially need to bring another palette too. 

These swatches show the pure pigmentation and quality on their own. I have only used this eyeshadow palette once so far, and I haven't used every single shade yet, but as of right now I highly recommend this palette for everyone. It is so affordable, and honestly incredible quality. I attempted my first 'wearable' cut crease look using this eyeshadow palette, which I will post about soon, so get ready for that if you are interested in purchasing this palette.

Have you tried this palette?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My Pandora Collection

When I was younger I had a charm bracelet from Claire's Accessories that I wore everyday. At any occasion I could, I would buy a new charm to reflect an aspect of my life and I made sure that the bracelet was personal to me. Looking back now, it was probably very childish looking with clashes of colours, but to me at the time, it was perfect. 

Fast forward to today, and I no longer own that cute little charm bracelet, which I wouldn't wear now anyway but I wish I owned purely for the memories it contained. However, when I was asked four years ago what I wanted for my sixteenth birthday, I knew I wanted an updated 'grown up' version of this charm bracelet. In my opinion, the perfect brand to achieve this was (and still is) Pandora. It is a luxurious brand, with many different price ranges to appeal to a wide target audience, for example, their charms range from £15 to £565. 

Since my sixteenth birthday I have been slowly curating a little collection of Pandora jewellery of my own, including: two bracelets; five rings; and multiple charms. Throughout this post I will link all of the products that I mention that are still available or are similar, but some may have been discontinued.



My most recent Pandora obsession has been their rings. I have quite chubby fingers, so rings from high street shops tend to either not fit or feel quite cheap, so I wanted to have rings that have proper sizes and that I know I can trust. I highly recommend Pandora rings as my oldest ring is three years old and it is still in perfect condition. 

Dazzling Daisy Band Ring in Rose Gold - here.
Alluring Brilliant Marquise Ring in Silver - here.
January Birthstone Ring - here.
Triple Dazzling Daisy Ring (similar) - here.


For my sixteenth birthday, my family grouped together to buy me a Pandora bracelet and a couple of starter charms. Pandora have multiple options for bracelets, and more recently they have brought out some more unique options such as leather, or coloured, but for now I have just stuck to their more plain options to focus on the charms. I originally got the bottom bracelet, which is their classic style. It has a barrel clasp, and I added the extra daisy safety chain so that if I ever opened the clasp too strong the charms would not fall off. Knowing my sentimental attachment to my Pandora bracelets, just before my Dad passed away he bought me the top bracelet, which is in a bangle style, and a charm to remember him by, so currently I wear the bangle more as it reminds me of him. I prefer the bangle too, as it moves around a lot less, so again allows more focus to be on the charms.

Bangle - here.
Bracelet - here.
Floral Safety Chain - here.


These are my coloured charms. The left one in teal was to match my prom dress, the green floral one is to represent Ireland as I am half Irish and the the red, white and blue one is to represent England as I am half English too. 

Teal Faceted Murano Charm - here.
Green Clover Murano Charm - here.

These are my all silver charms. I have a sea turtle and a penguin as they are some of my favourite animals, a R to represent me (Roisin) and the two floral charms are clips to match the safety chain and they stop the charms from moving around too much and becoming damaged.

Sea Turtle Charm - here.
Flower Burst Clip - here.
Vintage R Charm (similar) - here.

These are my mixed silver with colour charms. I have a handbag bought for me from my mum, as I love fashion. I have a Santa which I put on as soon as it hits Winter as it's my favourite holiday and I'm obsessed with Christmas. I have a purple charm to represent my favourite colour, and the charm on the right matches my January birthstone ring, which is a set that I got from my family for my eighteenth birthday.

Sparkling Handbag Charm (similar) - here.
Father Christmas Charm - here.
Purple Pave Ball Charm - here.
January Signature Heart Birthstone Charm (similar) - here.

These are two more silver charms bought for me by my mum. The study charm was for passing my A Levels and the shell is because my favourite Disney Princess is Ariel and if I could, I would choose to be a mermaid. 

Study Book Charm - here.
Tropical Starfish & Sea Shell Pendant Charm (similar) - here.

These are my hanging charms and a charm that doesn't stand up. The reindeer is simply again because I love Christmas, so I wear it in Winter along with Santa. The hanging heart is from my Dad so I constantly wear that one and the big heart is from my Mum.

Red-Nosed Reindeer Charm (similar) - here.
Sparkling Heart Pendant (similar) - here.
Sparkling Heart Charm - here.

This is my current set up for my Pandora bangle, and now you know the story behind it!

I am not only recommending Pandora for yourselves as a treat and a great brand with good customer service, but they also make great gifts for friends and family, especially when you include a little story of why you bought them the product you did!

Have you got any Pandora jewellery?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bronzer / Contour Collection & Review with Swatches

As June 1st signals the unofficial start of Summer, I have been loving bronzed makeup looks. If you saw my Kiko Haul from April (here), you'll know that I have also been trying to find contouring products that I think will match my skin shade. Over the years of buying makeup, I have managed to gather a collection of mainly drugstore products that I would thought that I would review in detail today on whether I recommend them or not. 

Benefit 'Hoola'

This cult beauty product, which I'm sure everybody has heard of by now, is my go-to bronzer. It's matte finish and easily blendable powder formula means it can be used to achieve an all over glow over the whole face, or a natural contoured look when used focused on the cheekbones and temples. It is a medium brown shade, so would suit most people either as a bronzer or a contour shade. For me, it is definitely too dark to be used for a contour, but I love it all over as a bronzer to give my face some colour. At £24.50 it is the most expensive product of my collection, but it lasts a really long time and it comes with a brush that I use to angle out my cheekbones - I wouldn't suggest using it for blending though! Overall, I would highly recommend this product to everyone. Benefit have also recently brought out 'Hoola Lite' which I feel like I'll be purchasing very soon too!

Soap & Glory 'Solar Powder'

This two-toned bronzer is another classic favourite in the beauty world. The left side is a matte, medium brown shade (a tad darker than Hoola) and the right side is a light brown shade with slight golden shimmer. You can either use them separately for different areas of your face, e.g. left side for cheekbones and right side for temples, or swirl it together to create a light and slightly shimmery bronzer for all over. My swatch is of the two shades mixed together. At £11 I think this product is a steal, as in effect you get three different shades in the same product. I would recommend it for anyone as it is does leave a beautiful glow on the skin, but it would definitely appear more pigmented on lighter skin.

Kiko Bronzer Powder in 104

This is a very natural looking, all matte powder. I use this on days when I've done a really lazy and quick 'no makeup' makeup look just so that I have some colour on my face to stop me looking ill. The pigmentation is average, and this bronzer is so old I can't even find it on their website to find the price for you, so it looks like it was discontinued. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend this bronzer, but I will use it up so as not to waste it.

L'Oreal 'Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette'

I have a blog post reviewing this palette already if you are interested in reading more here. If you have a similar skin tone to me, this palette is far too dark in my opinion. The 'highlight' shade is my actual skin tone, so doesn't highlight, and the 'contour' shade is quite dark with very slight orange undertones. Having said that though, the shades do blend very easily and they are both matte and long lasting, so if you have darker skin than me this is probably a good option. It comes with a tiny little mirror which is handy too, so at £9.99 I would recommend this, but as I said, only if you have darker skin than me.

Kiko 'Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour' in 200

This is my most recent addition to my collection and so far I have been absolutely loving it! I bought the lighter of the two shades, and I just apply it straight from the tube on to my cheekbones, temples and jaw line. I then blend it in with a damp beauty sponge and it blends like a dream. I tend to blend probably a bit too much as I'm aware of my incredibly pale skin, but it can definitely be built up from a natural finish to a stronger contoured look, especially if you bought the darker shade. It is a light to medium matte brown shade and for £9.90 I would highly highly recommend it. It is a great product to buy if like me you are slightly nervous about cream contouring as it is so easy to use.

Maybelline 'Master Contour Stick' in Light

In all honesty I haven't used this product that much as I love the Kiko one so much, but I thought that I would add it in anyway as it is a great product and slightly more multi-use as it comes with the highlight shade as well. It is very easy to use - once again I just apply it to my face from the tube and blend with a beauty sponge. At £7.99, it is such a bargain as well. The only drawback for me is that its quite dark so on me it is not a natural look at all, so I mostly reserve it for when I go out out.


What is your favourite bronzer or contour product?

Roisin <3