Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April Favourites

I thought for this blog post, I would tell you what my favourites have been for the month of April.

Favourite Make-Up Product

This super glittery eyeshadow from Wet 'n' Wild. I bought this for a night out on Easter Sunday as I usually do a gold and brown smokey eye, and I thought that this just looked fun for a nightclub setting. It is not particularly pigmented so I would definitely put this over another golden eyeshadow but it is as glittery as it looks in the photo, which is a major plus!

Favourite Beauty Product

This is a dry shampoo from LUSH. I tried it as I love LUSH bath bombs, and I got recommended this by one of the girls who works there, and it is so good! I do like the Bastille dry shampoo, but that is more for texture, whereas this actually works at soaking up the grease (bad mental image there, sorry!) so it is especially good for second or even third day hair.

Favourite Fashion Item

I think jewellery counts as fashion right? Yeah. This is my Pandora ring to resemble my January Capricorn birth stone and this month I have been wearing it almost every single day. It is so cute and small, yet still big enough to catch people's attention and goes with every outfit.

Favourite Book

The Beach by Alex Garland is classed as a thriller, but it wasn't that scary honestly as I'm a wuss when it comes to that genre. Richard, the main character, and some of his friends get given a map to a secret island in Thailand, and when they get there, they find that other people have already established a type of society, but it turns out that there are loads of twists and turns that you wouldn't expect. I don't want to ruin the plot so you should just read it and find out for yourself!

Favourite Item

I got this super sweet memory jar for my 18th from one of my group of friends. It is absolutely adorable and it lives on my desk so I can see it everyday, and this month I really enjoyed just picking out a random slip of paper every once in a while to make myself feel better if ever I was sad or frustrated or angry. Perfect mood buster so thank you girls, and a clever present idea!

Favourite TV Show

Definitely Pretty Little Liars! It is on Netflix and I have been hooked, but I'm only on Season 3 so no spoilers please! It is a series about a girl who goes missing, and then is found dead a year later, but her killer is never found. Her four best friends carry on the investigation between themselves after they continually get cyber bullied. I haven't sold it to you very well, but trust me the programme is a lot better.

Favourite Youtuber

This month I have really been loving Meg Says who is quite a small youtuber with only 7,594 subscribers but I think that she deserves way more. If you're into makeup and beauty, she is the one to watch and her videos are always so detailed. Her voice is so gentle as well that I could listen to her for hours.

Favourite Songs

Jealous by Nick Jonas and No Words by Erik Hassle

What are your April Favourites?

Roisin <3