Sunday, 24 May 2015

Skincare Haul

Today I went shopping and most of my purchases seemed to be geared around skin care from The Body Shop and LUSH. As summer in England is (slowly) approaching I am attempting to get my skin under control as makeup free days will be more common for me. I unfortunately do have some acne as I am an 18 year old girl, so I am trying to beat it at the moment to make myself feel more confident. I also know that acne is quite common so maybe the products I bought could be useful for anybody else as well?

I first heard of the 'Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask' from an Instagram post by an Irish Youtuber that I love called Melanie Murphy. She stated that it helped clear her acne after a month, and she had quite serious acne so it obviously works wonders! I looked on the Body Shop website and it has a lot of positive reviews with five stars which also gives me hope. It was £22 which is quite expensive but it is 90ml which is a lot of product so it should last a long time!

This is a repurchase for me of the 'Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream'. This is a light moisturiser which controls unnecessary and unwanted oils on my face. I mostly use it before my makeup as a primer, as I find primers very heavy. It is £11 but I can honestly say that a little goes a long way and it lasts at least a month and a half, and I do use it almost every day so it is worth the money. The only thing I do not like is the smell but it goes away very quickly.

I got this 'Coconut Body Butter' technically for free as I subscribed to the Body Shop's membership card thing which is £5 for a year and you get 10% discount off all year and free gifts at certain times so I would recommend getting one if you love the Body Shop! I love this scent, especially for moisturising my legs after shaving as it is quite subtle. 

My favourite lip balms are from the Body Shop as they are so moisturising! They have many flavours which I have all tried and today I went for the coconut and mango flavours. They are £4 each.

My next trip was to LUSH where I went bath bomb crazy! This is 'Granny Takes A Dip' and it is quite big! It is £3.35. On the LUSH website, it describes this product as ginger, pepper and lemon scented which will energise and warm you.

This is 'Phoenix Rising' and it is quite small but glittery. It is also £3.35. The website describes it as cinnamon fragranced, and the blend of cocoa and shea butters leaves your skin feeling very soft.

This is 'Dragons Egg' and it is medium sized. It is also £3.35. LUSH describes it as a citrus scent with hints of jasmine and has things inside that fizzes and crackles when in the bath.

This is 'Sunnyside' and it is quite small and extremely glittery and gets everywhere but that's not such a bad thing really is it. It is £3.75. It is a blend of orange, lemon and tangerine oils which leaves your skin glowy.

This is 'Ultraviolet' and it is huge! It is £4.75 but I will probably break it in to two or three pieces to get more use out of it which makes the price more justifiable. LUSH describes this product as jasmine scented.

This is 'Big Blue' and it is medium sized. It is £3.35. I bought this for my brother as he also likes LUSH bath bombs and his favourite colour is blue so it seemed suitable. It is described as calming and has ingredients like seaweed, sea salt and lavender oil to truly lavish the skin which is good for my brother as he has sensitive skin.

This is not a bath bomb but another repurchase of 'Grease Lightning' which I use on my spots overnight to reduce and get rid of them. It is £6.40 but lasts a long time!

What are your skin care favourites?

Roisin <3