Monday, 1 June 2015

My Lipstick Collection

For this blog post I thought that I would share with you my 'Lipstick Collection'. It is not the best collection but I quite like it and most of it is from Boots so is quite affordable, although recent purchases are starting to higher the quality which will hopefully continue.

'Pink Lemonade' by Revlon
This is not my favourite in my collection as it is probably not a good shade for my skin tone as I am quite pale. It is also sheer which is slightly annoying as it can look like I have just accidentally got concealer on my lips, but if you have slightly darker skin it could look nicer. I do sometimes use it for a nude lip though if I have gone a bit heavier with eyeshadow and it is quite moisturising.

'Peach Parfait' by Revlon
Contrary to what I said about the previous lipstick, I love this shade! It is a pink without being too obvious so could still be a nude option but it has slight flecks of gold which shimmer in the light giving the lipstick a different effect to others. This is my second tube as I use it so often!

'Parisian Passion' by Revlon
This is more of a stain than a lipstick that is a deep purple with red undertones. The fact that it is a stain makes it more wearable though as it looks slightly more natural as it coincides with your natural lip colour and lasts a long time.

'Lovely' by No 7
I originally bought this lipstick for my mum but she didn't want it (rude) so I got to keep it (bonus) and it is a natural, quite sheer lipstick so I have used it quite a lot as it works with every makeup look and this is also my second tube.

'Nude-Ist' by Bourjois
This is a matte dark pink which slightly adapts to your own lip colour, making it appear more natural than it  how it looks swatched on my hand. I wear this quite often as well and it is easier than I thought to apply.

'Frambourjoise' by Bourjois
I actually haven't used this yet but I bought it because I loved the previous lipstick so much that I want to try out more shades, so I went for something more bold which is not my usual colour but I will tell you more about it when I have used it.

'Appechissant' by Bourjois
I have worn this once and I did not like the formula of this lipstick as much as the matte lipsticks above but only because it was more sheer than I expected. Taking away my expectations, it is a nice lipstick with a hint of baby pink.

'Dusky Rose' by 17
This was one of my first lipsticks and I still like it today as it is a very lovely pink which I tend to tap on to my lips rather than wipe to create a more natural effect as it quite obvious (if you even understand what I mean?)

'05' by Rimmel
I haven't tried this lipstick either but the swatch excites me so I will get back to you on it.

'107' by Rimmel
This is my only red lipstick and I bought it because Zoe Sugg stated that it is one of her favourite lipsticks. That was a long time ago and I still use it and it I love it. It suits any skin shade and is darker than a neon red so more wearable.

'Raisin' by Max Factor
Honestly, I bought this lipstick because it was similar to my name. Shallow I know, but it turns out that it is a great lipstick! It is a pink and doesn't look that different to my other lipsticks but it almost has brown undertones which sounds weird but makes my teeth look whiter which is a bonus too.

'Ravishing Rose' by Maybelline
This is a bright orange lipstick which I never liked before as a colour but I tried this particular one and it looks really nice and not as harsh as I thought! It is a great Spring into Summer shade and it is a shiny formula but stays on the lips for a really long time which was a nice surprise.

'Peach Poppy' by Maybelline
I haven't tried this lipstick yet but I heard that peach is a trend for this summer so I thought that I would try it out.

'Viva Glam II' by MAC
I have talked about this in more detail on my MAC Collection post a little while ago which you can read for more information about all the MAC lipsticks.

'Plumful' by MAC

'Creme De La Femme' by MAC

Which one do you like the most out of my collection and your collection?

Roisin <3