Monday, 31 August 2015

August Favourites

I have not done a monthly favourites since April, so I figured I'd do another one for the month of August.

Favourite Make-Up Product

This lipstick by No 7 is in the shade 'Lovely'. This has been a great lipstick for all of the summer months really as I enjoy lighter makeup in summer as it is (only slightly) hotter and this lipstick feels like a moisturising lip balm. It is quite a similar colour to the shade of my actual lips as well so it looks quite natural.

Favourite Beauty Product

This perfume from Soap and Glory called 'Mist You Madly'. Again with the lighter for summer theme, this perfume has a slight floral scent which is very refreshing.

Favourite Fashion Item

These grey patterned slip on shoes from Penneys, which is the Irish version of Primark which I got for €8 which is about £6 - an absolute bargain! I've been seeing these style of shoes for ages and really wanted some, but they were all incredibly expensive but after buying these, I think that I will invest and spend the money on more pairs as they are very comfortable but also look very stylish.

Favourite Book

'The Secrets Of The Notebook' by Eve Haas is a true story based on her life. It is set around the themes of Hitler and Nazi Germany and how it impacted her and her family's life as she discovers family secrets from an old diary that uncovers her true heritage, but to find out the exact information she has to undertake a dangerous journey. This part of history really fascinates me and so this book was incredibly interesting to me.

Favourite Item

This candle holder from Yankee Candle is in a very pretty design of a flower with a butterfly. When a candle is burnt inside of it, the light shines through the holes in the pattern to leave a pretty pattern around you as well and creates a great atmosphere. This is a perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath with music playing.

Favourite TV Show

Dance Moms is the show for me this month. I have been binge watching the episodes and I love it! It is on Lifetime here in the UK. Sometimes it does make me cringe with how Abby treats her students, but the dancing standard is so high and the kids are so cute and the Moms are so dedicated that I just get fascinated and can't look away.

Favourite Youtuber

This month I have been loving Niomi Smart. She has one million subscribers and she is such a joy to watch! She has the most amazing work out ethic and she eats super healthily which is a big motivation. She also certainly knows her stuff about fashion so if you enjoy watching videos like that then give her a watch.

Favourite Songs

How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris and Black Magic by Little Mix

What are your August Favourites?

Roisin <3