Saturday, 5 December 2015

Kiko Haul

The other day I went Christmas shopping, but obviously I had to pick up a few bits for myself too just to be fair, so I popped into Kiko as it had just opened. They are an Italian cosmetics brand that are of high quality but affordable prices. I, of course, had to pick up five products.

I think the packaging looks really smart and professional, similar to that of MAC.

'Soft Light Powder' in 02

As I have quite oily skin, I like to try out all the different types of powders from all brands so this was a must to pick up! I got 02, as 01 looked incredibly light and so in pictures would make me look like even more of a ghost. This was £11.90, but there is quite a lot of product.

'Bronzer Powder' in 104

The only other bronzer I have is from my Sleek palette, and it is quite dark for my skin tone, so not really day time appropriate, so I picked the lightest non-glittery one they had to try. This was £9.90.

'Full Coverage Concealer' in 01

This reminds me of the Bobbi Brown concealer, but at a much cheaper price. It looks much more orange in the picture than in person. I also hopefully will use less product as it has more coverage, probably saving money in the process. This was £7.50.

'Velvet Mat Lipstick' in 614

I picked up this dark berry lipstick purely to see if I would suit it, before I get Charlotte Tilbury 'Glastonberry'. It was £6.90.

'Long Lasting Stick' in 25

This light taupe colour really stuck out to me as being a really good base colour for powder eyeshadows on top. It also claims to last eight hours, so could be good for long makeup days too. This was £6.90.

Have you tried any Kiko products?

Roisin <3