Friday, 29 January 2016

15 Problems Every Makeup Lover Will Recognise

So for today's post I thought I would do a more jokey post showing fifteen problems that all makeup lovers will probably have experienced. 
 (taken from Pinterest)

1) Trying to explain your obsession with makeup to people who don't get it and they think you're insane.
2) Storage. You constantly run out of storage to contain your horde of makeup.
3) Even though you already have seven (basically identical) eyeshadow palettes from different brands, you still NEED the newest one out.
4) When your makeup doesn't go 100% correct but nobody else notices and thinks that you're over reacting.
5) The difference between the left and the right eyebrow - why is one always better than the other?
6) Taking your makeup off at the end of the day and seeing your perfectly blended eyeshadow and contour wipe away.
7) Having a makeup free day - avoid cameras!
8) When someone else's makeup looks better than yours.
9) When your makeup is so good one day, and so the next day you try and recreate it but it doesn't resemble it at all.
10) Products that you want being out of stock.
11) Your skin being too light or too dark so you never find your perfect foundation match.
12) Having oily skin and constantly having to reapply powder to avoid being shiny.
13) Having dry skin causing your foundation and concealer to crack.
14) When you want to do a full makeup look but you haven't got the time.
15) The pain and length of time it takes to wash brushes.

Which problems can you relate to most?

Roisin <3