Tuesday, 5 January 2016

December Favourites

December was a month of new products for me what with Christmas and all, so I thought that I would show you what I have been loving.

Favourite Make-Up Product

Collection 'Speedy Highlighter' in Pearl Sheen

This is a cream highlighter and it applies so easily. You just apply it on your face (cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow) and then blend it out with your finger tips so it is quick too. A good product especially if you often do your makeup in a rush before school or work. It was only around £4 I think too, and clearly it will last a long time as I have used it almost every day in December and it still looks brand new.

Favourite Beauty Product

The Body Shop 'Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask'

This month I have broken out with spots quite a lot, which is unfortunate but common so I can't complain too much, but I have been trying to get rid of them so I have been doing face masks. This one from The Body Shop is for combination and oily skin (which I have) and it helps to control any excess oils which usually is why I get spots if its not hormonal. I have been noticing a difference and as you can see, I have almost finished the product and will be repurchasing.

Favourite Fashion Item


Recently I have been pairing scarves with most of my outfits especially in this cold weather. I find that you can wear quite a plain outfit, i.e. all black and then add a pop of colour with a scarf. 

Favourite Book

I Am Malala

This book is a biography from an inspirational girl called Malala who was and still is fighting for children's right to education. She is from Swat in Pakistan, where it is quite common for most girls to not go to school which she does not agree with. When the Taliban came to her valley, her circumstance got even worse as they made it 'illegal', but she defied them and continued going. It unfortunately ended up with her getting shot and now she lives in Birmingham in England, where she has started up the Malala Fund. Reading this book was so eye opening and I felt that I was just taking education for granted, and it has really changed my outlook on education and I suggest you read it as Malala has such a way with words and she is only 18 (my age!).

Favourite Item

I got this plaque/sign a couple of months ago but I found a place to put it where I can see it every day and it really does motivate me to do better, and I really like the message as I often doubt myself.

Favourite TV Show

I have been rewatching 90210 as the last season just came out on UK Netflix. It is quite a dramatic show about teenagers living in Beverley Hills. Even though they are all rich and beautiful, it shows that that doesn't always equal a good life. 

Favourite YouTuber

Zoella. I know that she hasn't exactly got the smallest of fan bases (9.8 million subscribers) but this month she has really outdone herself with two videos a day up until Christmas Eve. One main channel video and one vlog. The amount of work especially leading up to the Christmas period when all you want to do is relax is amazing, so you should definitely check all of those videos out! Also, she is just so beautiful and easy to watch you will not regret it.

Favourite Songs

Every song on One Direction's Made In The AM CD. Can't get enough!

What were you loving in December?

Roisin <3

P.S. I am hopefully going to get a camera soon so that the quality of my blog improves! I am saving up as at the moment I can only take photos on my phone so just bear with me please!