Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Favourites

It has already been a whole month since 2016 began - madness! This month for me was all about trialling new products since Christmas so expect an updated makeup routine soon. But first, all of the things that I have been loving in January.

Favourite Makeup Product

Tanya Burr Cosmetics 'Perfect Brows' Palette

This is the only palette I own from Tanya's makeup line which came out in August 2015, as every time I go shopping to get more, almost everything is sold out. I will be making an online order very soon though so that will change. I will admit that I am not the best when it comes to eyebrows, however as you may have seen from my other blogpost 'Lazy Guide To Eye Makeup', I've been trying to get better. Being blonde, finding the right shade of powder to apply is a struggle. They're either too dark, or too light, but I think that the shade 'Pebble' in this palette is a wonderful colour for my eyebrows. Even if you are not blonde however, this palette also contains two darker shades, a highlight shade, a tiny brush and tweezers so it really does cater for everybody - especially at £6.99. This has been on my brows almost every day!

Favourite Beauty Product

Hollister 'Laguna Beach' Body Mist

The weather where I live has been awful recently - windy and rainy - so I have been looking forward to Spring. This spray has quite a subtle scent and reminds me of warm weather so I have been  using it as a pick me up. I love that it is pale pink in colour too, so looks great as decoration. This product lasts a very long time and is only £11.

Favourite Fashion Item


I have been absolutely loving stacking these rings on top of each other on my ring finger. As they are all silver, it is not too overpowering and flashy, but because they are all slightly different, up close it looks very nice. They are all from Pandora, which again I love, and they are the 'Alluring Brilliant Princess Ring', the 'Circle Detail Ring' and the 'January Birthstone Ring'. 

Favourite Book

The Death's Head Chess Club

This book by John Donoghue is set in 1962, with flashbacks and memories from World War Two. It is based around chess, but you do not need to know the way chess is played (as I certainly don't), and it relates to Nazi Germany. A Jew named Emil Clement, a former resident of Auschwitz, played chess against Nazi guards as the Watchmaker. If he won, he could save a fellow prisoner's life; if he lost, he would lose his own. It is a book full of pain and suffering, but it is definitely worth a read. Every page kept me gripped. 

Favourite Item

This is a money box that I got a year ago. That's it. It sounds quite boring, but on the packaging it had the statement that if I only fill it with two pound coins, when its full it will contain one thousand pounds. Since then, whenever I have got a two pound coin, I have put it in the box without thinking. I have no way of knowing how much is in there, as the only way of getting to the money is to smash it. I wonder how long it will take me...

Favourite TV Show

I have still been getting through 90210 on Netflix. 

Favourite Youtuber

The SacconeJolys. I have been subscribed to this channel for ages - I even used to watch Anna's own channel when it was still called TheStyleDiet. Jonathan and Anna video their lives with their two beautiful children Emilia and Eduardo (and their six dogs!) They both have their own channels on the side too, but their commitment with their combined channel to Youtube is amazing. They both film, and then Jonathan edits and uploads a vlog every day at 6pm, without fail. You really should check them out as they are so lovely.

Favourite Songs

Eyes Shut by Years and Years, and Company by Justin Bieber.

What have you been loving in January?

Roisin <3