Saturday, 9 January 2016

Lush Haul

Lush is one of my favourite shops so of course I had to buy the Christmas collection one more time before it leaves shops for another year! *tear* I unfortunately didn't go mad and buy a lot as it is just after Christmas which is a tender time for my bank account, but I did buy six products. I'm not sure if these are still in store so sorry if this is too late for you, but you can always come back and read this again next year if not.

'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel

This is a shower gel with a candy floss scent. It is a very sweet and quite obvious scent, so if you prefer a more subtle shower gel that will last the whole day, unfortunately this is not for you. However, I love all things sweet so I picked it up, but only the 100g bottle as this is my first time trying it. This was £3.95, which is quite pricey compared to supermarket shower gels but as it is quite strong I probably will not use it everyday so it should last me a while, and it is limited edition.

'Candy Mountain' Bubble Bar

This is almost the same scent as Snow Fairy, but with more vanilla. I bought this bar last year and trust me, if you hold it under the tap as you run your bath the amount of bubbles you will get is crazy! You could even use this two or three times if like me you don't like your baths to be super bubbly, making it more cost efficient too. This was £2.95, the cheapest of the haul today.

'Snow Angel' Bath Melt

This bath melt smells delicious! I personally haven't seen this one before, but it may have been released before. Half of it is white and half of it is gold and glittery. The white side smells of rose and the gold side smells of cocoa butter, which is an amazing combination. This bath melt isn't one for making your bath water look cool and technicolour, instead it leaves it moisturising so that when you leave the bath your skin feels so soft. This is a real pamper product! This was £3.95.

'Golden Wonder' Bath Bomb

I have had this bath bomb previously too, and I love how it looks like a cute little present (although quite a big bath bomb!) This bath bomb to me smells like a fruity mix of orange and lime. There is also a surprise colour in the middle, but I won't ruin it for you. This was also £3.95.

These next two products are not part of the Christmas collection, but their permanent collection I believe.

'Yoga Bomb' Bath Bomb

When I have baths, I really take advantage and use it as my time to relax, unwind and de-stress with candles and music, so this bath bomb sounded perfect to me. I haven't tried it yet but apparently it turns the bath water shades of oranges and purples. This would be a good bath bomb for those of you who prefer more subtle scents as this one smells of sandalwood oil which is hard to explain, so I'll just tell you to go and smell it in store - you won't regret it. Even if you are not going to buy anything, just smelling Lush is time well spent. This was also £3.95.

'Intergalactic' Bath Bomb

For the past couple of weeks all I have seen are pictures and videos of people raving about this particular bath bomb as apparently it leaves the craziest colours and patterns - representative of outer space. Each person smells differently, but to me this smells like grapefruit, so it seems like it would be quite subtle in the bath. This was £3.95 too.

What are your favourite Lush products?

Roisin <3