Sunday, 17 January 2016

Maybelline 'The Nudes' Review

Eyeshadow is by far my favourite type of makeup. All the colours and finishes and different brands - I could honestly spend all day blending my eyeshadow and adding more shades. My favourite eyeshadow look is a bronze/gold brown smokey eye. Maybelline came out with an eyeshadow palette quite a long time ago, as I bought it back in July for my holiday to Kos as it looked to me like a palette that could cater to any situation. I was very right. However, after my holiday I then proceeded to forget about it and used other palettes in my collection, as I am a bit of an eyeshadow junkie and have many. Between Christmas and New Year, I decided to sort out my makeup collection as I had many new goodies for Christmas, and found it again. I have since been using it and testing it out so that I could post an honest review about it here, on my blog. So here goes.

This is the palette. It comes with 12 shades, and has quite a unique lay out. You might think that it is odd as it doesn't go in order from lightest to darkest as most palettes do. This is because Maybelline have arranged it so that it is easier to use. Inside this palette, it has been split into quads, trios and duos. 




That means that this eye palette also suggests which shades to use together, which would be helpful for someone who is only just starting to get into eyeshadow. At only £9.99, it is also definitely affordable. The colour pay off is quite good, however particularly with the lighter shades, you might have to pack on quite a lot to get the colour you imagined as they need to be built up. There is a good variety of glittery shades and matte shades. My favourite shade is the fourth shade along on the top row - the dark gold shade. The eyeshadow formula is quite powdery, so expect fall out to happen and blending will take you longer too. I feel like this could be slightly comparable to the original Naked palette, but only in the colours, not in quality. 

Going from bottom to top of the swatches on my arm is the first row.

Again, going from bottom to top is the second row.

I like the fact that there is a mixture of cool toned browns and warm toned browns, suiting every complexion. 

Have you tried out this palette?

Roisin <3