Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Five Favourite Brushes

Seeing as I washed all my brushes last night, I thought that today's post should be about my top five brushes since they're all clean and looking pretty again. I have included three face brushes and two eye brushes. I obviously own way more than five brushes, and maybe if this post gets a lot of love I will do another one in the future. Most of these brushes are quite pricey too, as I believe that good brushes are more important than high end products, as its all about how you apply it, and I'd rather spend my money on something that I can wash and reuse. I also got way too involved taking pictures so this will be quite a long post so get a cup of tea and enjoy! 

Bobbi Brown 'Full Coverage Face' Brush

I love to use this brush for concealer. It is meant for foundation and it also does a really good job at creating a flawless base too, but for me concealer is so much more important. I am quite pale, but also have quite a lot of redness that my foundation sometimes misses so I almost always need concealer too. I find that the bristles on this brush are quite dense, and so I can pack my concealer on really nicely. The top is also ever so slightly pointed so it can fit into the under eye area too. This brush is quite expensive at £31.

Zoeva 'Luxe Sheer Cheek' Brush - 127

I love this brush for bronzer. It was quite hard to picture but this brush has a slight diagonal top, so one end is higher than the other. I find that this perfectly fits in to my cheekbone, and is so easy to swipe back and forth. It is such a soft brush and can also be used to blend out the bronzer too. I got this brush in a set but it can be purchased on its own in a different colour (black) for £12.80.

Real Techniques 'Contour Brush'

I love to use this brush for either highlight or setting my under eye concealer. I love quite a strong highlight and this brush just gives me the whole package for that. This brush, even though it is quite small, it is sturdy so I can be quite precise about where my product is going. Again, I got this in a set and unfortunately you can't buy it separately but the set is on sale for £16.80.

MAC '217' Brush

I love this brush for either blending or in my crease. This is a cult Youtuber product, and everyone also seems to love it. It's so soft so it is perfect for blending, but because I have quite big eyes, it also fits perfectly for my crease, so I tend to reach for this brush quite a lot! This brush is £20.

Benefit 'Hard Angle Definer' Brush

I love to use this brush for my eyebrows. It is quite a solid brush so you can be really precise which is good when doing your eyebrows as you do not want to over draw. It is also really good for the inner part of the eyebrow to draw hairs upwards and make it look more natural. Since I got this brush I have not used any other for my eyebrows and haven't wanted to. It is also very similar to the Bobbi Brown version but cheaper so that is a plus. This brush is £16.50.

What are your favourite brushes? 

Roisin <3