Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Revolution 'Ultra Blush Palette' Review

One of my least favourite makeup products is blush. I think that if it isn't blended properly or is put on too heavily, it can ruin your whole face of makeup. This is why at the end of last year I bought a blush palette from Makeup Revolution London to practice with, but was pleasantly more surprised than I thought I would be. 

This is in the shade 'Sugar and Spice'. 

As you can see the packaging is very sleek and professional looking, and it comes with quite a big mirror which is always handy. Inside, it has eight shades - six matte, and two shimmery. Even though it says that it is just a blush palette, I think that you could use it for bronzer and highlighter too. The first two shades are a medium brown shade and a lighter golden brown shade, which would both be totally acceptable to use as bronzer. The third shade is a more natural pink and the fourth could be used as a cool toned light pink highlighter. Then the four on the lower row are all quite bright shades. These shades are so varied they could be used on all skin tones, which is a bonus.

Going from left to right is the top row.

Going from left to right is the bottom row.

As you can see the colours are quite pigmented, so apply it to your cheeks lightly and slowly build it up. They have a nice formula - they are very blendable and easy to apply, and they don't wear off throughout the day. At £6, you can't really go wrong. 

Have you tried out this palette?

Roisin <3