Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites

Another favourites post already! I feel like so far 2016 is just flying by, which isn't a good thing as now my exams are only just over two months away! Anyway, on to happier things.

Favourite Makeup Product

Kiko '104' Bronzer Powder

This is coming up a lot more dark and orange toned in the picture, but in real life this is quite a light bronzer which applies quite sheer, so I have been loving contouring with this and building it up to the exact level I want.

Favourite Beauty Product

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have been trying to leave my hair a couple of days without washing it, as I used to wash it everyday until I got told that that is actually very bad for your hair as it strips it all of its moisture, but sometimes I just can't help it as I quite like my natural hair and it is quick. However, I have been spending more time on ponytails and half up half up down looks, and this has come in handy.

Favourite Fashion Item

I haven't got a picture, but I have been loving a more boyish style of dressing. I have been wearing converse every day, and shirts and jeans on a very regular basis. So comfy and practical for when you just want something simple.

Favourite Book

The Shadow of the Wind

This book, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, is set in Barcelona in the 1940s. It all centres around a mysterious author called Julian Carax who's books have all been destroyed, except for one copy which ten year old Daniel finds. Daniel then tries to find out all he can about Julian Carax, which sees him getting into trouble with the police and in the middle of a crime. This book is just full of suspense and hints of romance, and the ending completely took me by surprise! Great book.

Favourite Item

Yankee 'Home Sweet Home' Candle

This picture really doesn't look appealing, but I mean all candles eventually melt and look like this. This candle smells absolutely beautiful. It's quite strong, and its main scent is of cinnamon which makes my room smell so cosy and wintery. I love the smell of this, combined with the noise of rain on my window at night, whilst reading a book - bliss!

Favourite Film

Deadpool - I saw this in the cinema and it was such a hilarious film. I love the whole Marvel franchise anyway, but this film seemed to just almost make a joke of being a hero. He was an accidental hero, who felt like a villain. I don't know but I thought it was very original and brilliant. It did have a lot of swearing, violence and nudity, though, so be aware!

Favourite Youtuber

The Michalaks. They are a family who put up one video every Sunday. They do collective vlogs of their week and each video is around the thirty minute mark which is perfect for a relaxed Sunday night. Stef, Hannah and little Grayson are the cutest family and their videos are just perfection. They are the perfect balance of amazing cinematography with Stef's drone shots and planned visions, and cute family time with just casual vlogging of their everyday life. I love them.

 Favourite Songs

Work from Home by Fifth Harmony, Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and Faded by Alan Walker.

What have you been loving in March?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 27 March 2016

MAC 'Brave' Review

First of all, Happy Easter! I hope you all got lots of chocolate eggs and will be eating a large roast as that is 100% what I will be doing! Today I thought that I should do a review of my most used lipsticks, which is MAC 'Brave'. I have almost finished it which is very exciting. If you have read my February Favourites, I also mentioned it then.

This is what it looked like a month ago, so you can imagine how tiny it is now! I wear this shade most days as it is the perfect nude lipstick for me and it is very wearable and low maintenance. In the bullet it looks like a lovely, slightly warm toned nude pink. When swatched, it is also true to form and is highly pigmented, making it quick for early morning application too.

As you can see, it is such a nice nude pink on my quite pale skin tone. It applies so nicely that you don't need a lip liner either, as you can be quite precise with it. It does have some undertones of brown, keeping it still quite neutral and not overly pink. I would say that it is a variation of Velvet Teddy, just more pink. It is a matte formula which is my favourite type of formula, but it is not drying at all and it lasts a good three to four hours on your lips. MAC lipsticks are £15.50 each. They are not the best for people's budgets, but I think the quality is excellent and in my opinion, they are my favourite and definitely worth the money. I am racking up quite a collection!

Have you got this lipstick?

Roisin <3

Friday, 25 March 2016

Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics Palette

As a little bonus post on this lovely Good Friday, I really wanted to show you the newest palette to my collection. I got this in February, and have resisted the urge to use it yet so that I could take pictures of it when it still looks beautiful to show you guys! I haven't tried it yet, so this isn't a first impressions post, it is literally just a 'look at what I bought' post as I'm quite excited. I'm such a little beauty nerd. Anyway, on to pictures!

BH Cosmetics is an American brand that have teamed up with the gorgeous Youtuber Carli Bybel (you can visit her channel here), so I had to have this shipped from America. The palette itself was on sale for $12.50, and the shipping was an extra $5 and it arrived within around a week so not too long. When I convert that back to pounds, I only paid £12.59 for what looks like a very high quality palette. When I unpackaged the palette as well, it came with the little message in the top picture, which I thought was a lovely and personal touch. This palette has ten eyeshadows shades, and four highlighter shades, which really sold me as I just love highlighter and want to try more. There is a nice mixture of mattes and shimmers (five each) and the shade range is a collection of earthy neutrals and plummy browns. 

Have you got this palette?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Three Favourite Perfumes

Following on on my little 'favourite' series (previous posts here and here), I thought that I would talk about my favourite perfumes. I obviously haven't tried all of them, but out of my little collection, these are my picks. 

Marc Jacobs 'Dot'

I have the 30ml bottle and right now, this would cost you around £38.50. It is a beautiful and elegantly feminine scent which would be perfect for Spring. It is not too heavy, but will still last a long time. Whenever I wear this I get so many compliments! It is described as having top notes of red berries, heart notes of jasmine and base notes of driftwood. It is also such a cute bottle.

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'

I have the 50ml bottle and right now, this would cost you around £54. This is my all time favourite scent and I usually reserve it for either nights out or special occasions as I just love it so much. I think that it is similar to 'Dot', just with a more focus on floral rather than fruity scents and is just such a me scent. It is described as having top notes of strawberry and violet leaves, heart notes of violet petals and jasmine bouquet and base notes of musk and vanilla infusion. Along with 'Dot', it is also a beautiful bottle. I eventually want to collect all of the Marc Jacob's perfumes.

Britney Spears 'Fantasy'

I have the 50ml bottle and right now, this would cost you around £30, so it is the cheapest of the bunch. Yet another beautiful bottle, and this scent is just lovely as well - light and girly. I got this one when I was around thirteen or fourteen from one of my Aunt's as a present, and I still love it just as much now. It is described as having top notes of lychee and kiwi, heart notes of jasmine petals and white chocolate orchid and base notes of musk and wood. As you can see, I clearly have a type when it comes to perfumes. 

What are your top perfumes?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ted Baker Lipsticks

If it hasn't been obvious before this, I love lipstick. I think that that is the finishing touch of a makeup look, just like the icing on a cake. Without it, the look just isn't complete. There are many different brands, colours and finishes out there, so I thought that as a little series, instead of doing one big lipstick collection (which has grown significantly since my last one, which you can see here), I would show you them by brand. Let's kick this off with Ted Baker then shall we? 

I got a set of Ted Baker lipsticks from my mum for Christmas, which I very obviously pointed her towards in the shop, which I think is the perfect set. It also comes with nail varnishes that match the lipsticks too, but I don't use them as much.

As you can see, there is one of every colour. There is:
* a brownish nude
* a pinkish nude
* a bright pink
* a bright red
* a berry red
* a berry purple

The lipsticks are a semi matte finish, which is so good as the colour stays on your lips for quite a long time, particularly the darker colours, but they don't dry your lips out. The pigmentation is also incredible as you can see from the swatches on my arm. The packaging is also absolutely beautiful and elegant, and quite unique.

I cannot find any original Ted Baker lipsticks online, but this set is on eBay if you would like to look at it here. It isn't the cheapest of brands, but it is cheaper than MAC and it would be a perfect set for any beginners because of the shades. 

Have you got any of these lipsticks?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spring Makeup Look

As you may have noticed, I have gone a bit Spring crazy. In my 'Fresh Spring Makeup' post, which you can see here, I showed you some products that are perfect for Spring. In this post, I will be showing you what they look like on my face, as seen in previous posts such as this. I also paired this particular make up look with my '90's Inspired Look' from Mother's Day, which you can read here.

Products Used:
* Benefit Porefessional Primer
* L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation
*Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer
* Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
* Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Powder
* Kiko Bronzer
* Soap & Glory Love At First Blush
* Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
* Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
* Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette
* MAC Brave

Have you tried any of these products?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Maybelline 'The Falsies Push Up Drama' Mascara Review

As you may have seen in my 'Boots Makeup Haul' post from a couple of weeks ago (which you can see here), I picked up a new mascara from Maybelline. At the moment, my everyday mascara is also from Maybelline, and it is the highly acclaimed and highly talked about 'Lash Sensational'. As soon as I heard that Maybelline were bringing out a new mascara, I instantly thought that it must be better or at least as good as the 'Lash Sensational' mascara, so I really wanted to give it a go. 

However, I have to admit that I am not really loving it! It's such a shame, but for me this mascara just doesn't help at all. I have quite straight eyelashes, so I need a mascara that can hold a curl and make them look more voluminous. 

The brush is very straight and the bristles are very small, so I find it quite hard to go right into the inner corner and to the root. The problem that I have with this mascara the most is that it really separates my lashes, yet at the same time sort of clumps them together to make me look like I only have about ten individual lashes, which is not a good look. I will say though that this mascara is definitely a lot darker which I do like, and the packaging is very colourful and pretty. 

This is a side by side comparison between the mascaras. The left eye is 'Lash Sensational' and the right eye is 'The Falsies Push Up Drama'. You can tell that the left side is a lot more fuller. 

I have been determined that I will use up this mascara as I do like to get my value for money, so I have also been trying these two mascaras together. When used together, 'The Falsies Push Up Drama' really helps to lengthen the eyelashes, and paired with the curl and volume from 'Lash Sensational', it is a really good combination.

If you already have 'Lash Sensational', maybe pick 'The Falsies Push Up Drama' up, but I wouldn't really recommend it.

What do you think about this mascara and do you have any other recommendations for me?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Kiko 'Fire & Temptation' Set

For Christmas I received this set from my Auntie from Kiko. I do have some makeup products from Kiko (which you can see here) but I didn't own any of their perfumes. However, that has now changed and so I thought that I would show you this set. They don't have this on their website in the UK but I found an American link where it is actually 50% off right now too if you click here

This set includes a 65g scented candle, a 9ml rollerball perfume and a 75ml body lotion, all with beautiful and minimalist packaging. I don't know if this is common, but I have never seen a candle included, but I am all for it as I love candles. I think that this is such a perfect sized set for someone to get introduced to a scent, as the sizes aren't too much. Now on to the actual scent. I am rubbish at describing scents, but the website describes it as 'a blackcurrant scent, with tones of orchid and rose'. All I know is that it smells absolutely incredible and very wearable. If I see this perfume in a full size, I will probably purchase it again.

Have you tried any Kiko perfumes?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 6 March 2016

90's Inspired Look

I thought that I would do my first fashion post today on what I wore on Mother's Day. On these days I like to dress up a little bit more than I would for college, but as I was just going to my Auntie's house and eating loads and loads of food, I still wanted to be somewhat comfortable and not overdressed. To me, this look is the perfect medium and everyone kept asking me if it was inspired by the 90's, which wasn't intentional but I feel that it is quite accurate so I'll roll with it. Pictures are also taken inside so I wasn't wearing shoes, but for reference I did wear black flats.

Top: Boohoo
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: Topshop

If you would like to see a post about my makeup, that will be coming on Wednesday!

Roisin <3 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fresh Spring Makeup

It is now March, which means that we have said goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring! That for me means a whole new makeup look. For Spring, it is all about the pinks, so I thought that I would show you some of the pink based products that I will be wearing throughout Spring.

I do love a good flat lay.

Starting off with eyeshadows, I have chosen two pink based palettes, but they also have gold and bronze tones too, which are my ultimate favourite shades so I will never be too far away from my comfort zone. These palettes are Urban Decay 'Naked 3' and Benefit 'World Famous Neutrals' which are both beautiful. 

This blush is absolutely beautiful. I love to swirl all the colours around, which gives me a very highlighted look, which I also love. It is a true pink with undertones of gold and white gold. This is Soap & Glory 'Love At First Blush'.

I got this product in my No 7 Advent Calendar and have been saving it for Spring. I will use this under my foundation to give me a dewy glow, without being oily. It can also go on top as a cream highlighter too. This is No 7 'Skin Illuminator'.

In Spring, I am all about pastel nail varnishes. I have chosen a pale pink, a hot pink and a pastel orange. I cannot see a name for the Ted Baker nail varnish, but there is also Essie 'Cute As A Button' and Barry M 'Papaya'.

Now on to lipsticks, which just complete a look. I have chosen four pink toned lipsticks, although I will probably have the odd red lip day too. Starting with Fleur de Force '020 Written In The Stars' which is a lipgloss, but is still heavily pigmented. This is more of a peachy pink toned nude, with undertones of brown. Next is my Dior Addict '535' which is a sheer nude with even more tones of brown. Next is Revlon 'Honey' which is sort of a my lips but pinker shade. Last but not least is my new love, Chanel Rouge Allure '165' which is a sort of wearable hot pink (featured in my latest selfie on Instagram). 

What are your products or trends for Spring?

Roisin <3