Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites

Another favourites post already! I feel like so far 2016 is just flying by, which isn't a good thing as now my exams are only just over two months away! Anyway, on to happier things.

Favourite Makeup Product

Kiko '104' Bronzer Powder

This is coming up a lot more dark and orange toned in the picture, but in real life this is quite a light bronzer which applies quite sheer, so I have been loving contouring with this and building it up to the exact level I want.

Favourite Beauty Product

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have been trying to leave my hair a couple of days without washing it, as I used to wash it everyday until I got told that that is actually very bad for your hair as it strips it all of its moisture, but sometimes I just can't help it as I quite like my natural hair and it is quick. However, I have been spending more time on ponytails and half up half up down looks, and this has come in handy.

Favourite Fashion Item

I haven't got a picture, but I have been loving a more boyish style of dressing. I have been wearing converse every day, and shirts and jeans on a very regular basis. So comfy and practical for when you just want something simple.

Favourite Book

The Shadow of the Wind

This book, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, is set in Barcelona in the 1940s. It all centres around a mysterious author called Julian Carax who's books have all been destroyed, except for one copy which ten year old Daniel finds. Daniel then tries to find out all he can about Julian Carax, which sees him getting into trouble with the police and in the middle of a crime. This book is just full of suspense and hints of romance, and the ending completely took me by surprise! Great book.

Favourite Item

Yankee 'Home Sweet Home' Candle

This picture really doesn't look appealing, but I mean all candles eventually melt and look like this. This candle smells absolutely beautiful. It's quite strong, and its main scent is of cinnamon which makes my room smell so cosy and wintery. I love the smell of this, combined with the noise of rain on my window at night, whilst reading a book - bliss!

Favourite Film

Deadpool - I saw this in the cinema and it was such a hilarious film. I love the whole Marvel franchise anyway, but this film seemed to just almost make a joke of being a hero. He was an accidental hero, who felt like a villain. I don't know but I thought it was very original and brilliant. It did have a lot of swearing, violence and nudity, though, so be aware!

Favourite Youtuber

The Michalaks. They are a family who put up one video every Sunday. They do collective vlogs of their week and each video is around the thirty minute mark which is perfect for a relaxed Sunday night. Stef, Hannah and little Grayson are the cutest family and their videos are just perfection. They are the perfect balance of amazing cinematography with Stef's drone shots and planned visions, and cute family time with just casual vlogging of their everyday life. I love them.

 Favourite Songs

Work from Home by Fifth Harmony, Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and Faded by Alan Walker.

What have you been loving in March?

Roisin <3