Friday, 29 April 2016

April Favourites

April is at an end now, meaning the countdown to exams is now just over one month away. Let's move on to my favourites for the month to distract me.

Favourite Makeup Product

MAC 'Velvet Teddy'

I know you've probably all heard of this shade already, but this is new to me and I love it! It is a light brown nude that gives me kind of a '90s vibe'. I was worried that it might not have suited my pale skin, but it definitely works with any skin tone. Obsessed with this.

Favourite Beauty Product

The Body Shop 'Shade Adjusting Drops' in Lightening

Also new to me this month, are these drops of white that you add in and mix with your foundation. I struggle to find shades of foundation, high end and low end, that match to my skin tone. Most of them  either make my face look orange, or at least a lot darker than my white, white neck. This has been so good, as now I can buy any foundation (within reason) and whiten it up a bit.

Favourite Fashion Item

This necklace was given to me by some of my friends for my eighteenth birthday and I still love it and wear it regularly. It is the perfect necklace to make a slight statement and stand out, without being too much. It is also so personal to me too as I live in Bristol, which is on the map cut out.

Favourite Book

Dream a Little Dream

This book, by Giovanna Fletcher, follows a main character called Sarah's journey post break up. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend Sarah left her for another woman and is still very much in her life thanks to their friendship group being the same. She starts to have very detailed dreams about a man she met in University years earlier, and then it all gets very interesting...

Favourite TV Show

I have been loving 'Australia's Next Top Model'. It is basically a show about wannabe models in a competition against each other to always have the highest marks and eventually be the Next Top Model and get a modelling contract. They're all so beautiful and they do crazy cool things, like cat walking down the side of a building and doing a photoshoot with motorbikes.

Favourite Youtuber

Shaaanxo. Shannon is a beauty youtuber who makes three videos a week, and I also love her vlog channel too, where she posts almost daily. She does have an insane amount of makeup which I am extremely jealous of but she uses it super well in her videos. If you love makeup and beauty, you'll love her!

Favourite Songs

TiO by Zayn and Cheap Thrills by Sia.

What have you been loving in April?

Roisin <3