Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Revlon 'Matte Lip Colours' Review

Guys, this is my 50th blog post! Exciting! If you read my April Boots Haul (here), you will know that I picked up three shades of the new Revlon 'Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours' - their version of liquid lipsticks. There are seven shades in the collection with a good range of colours. I would love to finish my collection....

The three shades that I picked up are:
*600 Devotion - a light pink
*610 Addiction - a deep purple
*635 Passion - a bright, berry red

First off, as you can see, the pigmentation is good. The lighter shades only need one coat, but the red shade especially needed two coats I felt, just to get it looking perfect. That could just be me though as I am a bit of a perfectionist. They also do take quite a long time to finally become matte and they do dry lighter (especially if you use more than one coat), which did annoy me slightly at first as you can't tell if it will be patchy, but it does look the same as when first applied, but just lighter. Their longevity is quite good though, and personally I don't mind the odd retouch, but if you are eating and drinking, just be wary. They don't leave your lips feeling dry either, possibly why they take a bit longer to set.

Their packaging I like a lot, with the silver handles and frosted glass. The applicator I also find really easy to work with, as it is quite thin and non-flexible, and the top is rounded, so you can easily create a precise line for the edge of your lips, meaning that a lip liner is not required. They are £8.99 each, which is a good price point I think as they do look like they have quite a lot of product that will last for a long time, obviously depending on how often you use it. I will definitely pick up some more in the other shades as I do like them. 

Have you tried these lipsticks?

Roisin <3