Sunday, 8 May 2016

MAC Lipsticks

MAC is one of my favourite brands, especially for lipsticks! I have twelve lip products from them, and I still have a big wish list of more to get so the obsession continues. This is the third part of my little series about my lipstick collection. My previous two have been on: Maybelline (which you can see here) and Ted Baker (here). I also did a big lipstick collection last year which was a lot smaller than what it looks like now (here) and a MAC Collection post from last year too (here). 

On to the beautiful lipsticks! I have organised them into colour/shades to make it easier to follow.


L-R and T-B: 'Viva Glam II', 'Velvet Teddy' and 'Brave'

Nudes are fast becoming my favourite shades. As you can see, Brave is my most worn shade and I have already bought the second tube of it too for when this one eventually dies. I thought this was a matte formula originally, but it is actually a satin formula, but it still lasts for ages. I have done a more in depth review of Brave if you want to read that here. Velvet Teddy is my newest MAC lipstick but is also fast becoming very well loved and a staple. I also love that its matte but still everyday wearable. Viva Glam II is probably my least worn, but as you can see it is quite similar to Velvet Teddy, just not as matte and more cool toned and it is a beautiful shade, just probably not on my skin tone. It is also less of a statement as it is a satin formula.


L-R and T-B: 'Creme De La Femme' and 'Plumful'

Pinks are not my most used shades, but sometimes, especially in the Spring, I get more interested in pink shades and like to switch it up sometimes. These two shades are quite similar to each other, but Creme De La Femme has more of a purple undertone to it and is sheerer, as it is a frost formula, and Plumful is more of a statement. This used to be my go to for any party or event as it is a lustre formula so not too high maintenance.


L-R and T-B: 'On Hold', 'D For Danger' and 'Ruby Woo'

Reds are my favourite shades and always have been. I think they really suit me, what with being pale and blonde. Ruby Woo is my absolute favourite shade ever, as it is a very statement red that make my teeth look whiter which is always a bonus, but as it is a retro matte formula, it is extremely drying and also quite hard to apply. D For Danger is also a beautiful matte shade. It is darker and more of a berry red, sort of Rimmel 107 esque. On Hold is a cremesheen formula which I found when on the hunt for a more natural red shade (which I'm still looking for), but this is a nice shade and a bit more daytime suitable.

These products are in their own category as I got them in a set for Christmas and it says that they cannot be sold individually. I can't remember what the collection is called, but the products are: 

L-R and T-B: 'Pretty Irresistible' lipstick, 'Beet' lip pencil and 'A Favourite Flame' lip glass

This is such a nice collection and I use the lip liner with basically all the red shades and it glides on so creamy and easy, but not too soft so that you can't get a precise line. I prefer matte lips so I haven't really used the lip gloss much, but I love that it matches perfectly if ever I want to. The lipstick though is beautiful. It is red with almost a hot pink undertone to it, making it quite a unique shade and its matte, which again is my fave.

Lastly I have one of MAC's matte liquid lip colours in the shade 'Oh Lady' which is a beautiful dark purple. I haven't been brave enough to wear this out yet, but I have tried it on and I love it. Who knows, I might wear it soon! 

Do you have any MAC suggestions for me or have you any of these shades?

Roisin <3