Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Summer Fashion Wish List

Now that it is coming in to summer, I am loving looking at clothes online and waiting for the warmer weather to kick in. Thanks England for your indecisive weather. I am also going to Spain on holiday this summer, so I am getting really excited and using that as an excuse. 

They are all from the ASOS website.

1 - 'Bikini Top' and 'Bikini Bottoms'. I have actually just bought this and can't wait for it to come! I much prefer high waisted bikinis as my stomach is not my favourite area and I think they look so flattering on every body type. I love the monochrome look at the moment too, but the print is still really summery. This is ASOS own brand too, so it is so affordable at £12 for the top and £16 for the bottoms.

2 - 'Floral Dress'. I think that this is the perfect dress for summer holidays! It is loose and flowy to allow the air in, meaning it won't stick to you, but it still has a nice shape and shows enough skin to get a tan. I love the pretty bright print too. This is quite pricey at £45 but I think that I would get enough wear out of it to justify it.

3 - 'Pink Skirt'. I love the bright colour, yet it is still subtle enough to wear for a casual occasion. I love the slightly longer length of the skirt too, as it will help avoid an accidental flash if there is wind, and it fits with the relaxed style of a holiday wardrobe. This is very well priced at £18.

4 - 'Ballerina Shoes'. I adore how cute these shoes are. They are so pretty and delicate with the strap around the ankle and the scalloped edges, yet quite different with the metallic blue / silver colour. They would go with everything too which is perfect. They are a steal at £22.99.

5 - 'Monochrome Shoes'. These really fit in to my style and I love wearing comfortable shoes. I would get so much wear out of these and they are only £14.99.

6 - 'Striped Dress'. I love the versatility of this dress - I think it could be dressed up or down to suit any occasion and any season. It also looks like it would be quite comfortable but still with a shape. This is £38, which I think is a fair price.

Would you wear these items of clothing?

Roisin <3