Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June Favourites

June has probably been one of the worst months this year for me, purely because of exams. However, they are over now and so are A Levels forever, meaning that I am now looking forward to July and my holiday! I have a couple of new favourites this month, so keep reading.

Favourite Makeup Product

Real Technique's Beauty Blender Sponge

I recently bought this, and have been loving applying my foundation with it for a more natural finish. I love the flat edge too, which I haven't seen on a sponge before. This is one of the oddest items I've taken a picture of too.

 Favourite Beauty Product


I recently got my nails done and I love them! I love having nails that look perfect as I bite my nails, which I have tried to stop many times, so acrylics are the only way forward. However, I still like them to look somewhat natural in length and the shape, and I went for purple purely because thats my favourite colour. 

Favourite Fashion Item

I have done a more in-depth post on these sandals here. They are from Clarks and they are not only the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, but they are also super cute too and go with so many different outfits.

Favourite Book

This series is seriously amazing. I am currently about to start book four. I have done a more in depth post on these books too here if you're interested too. This series is technically in the teen fiction category, but I think every age should read it as they talk about such an important issue - racism. In this series, Noughts and Crosses are two opposite races, with widespread segregation and serious consequences if disobeyed. I seriously recommend it to everyone.

Favourite TV Show

I have started rewatching Glee and I am currently halfway through Season 2. At times it is a bit cringe, but I love the music, the dancing and the characters. Fun fact - me and my nan used to watch it together as she's a Glee fan too! It is such a feel good tv programme, who could hate it?

Favourite Youtuber

Makeup by Annalee. She is such a good beauty youtuber and her makeup looks are just beautiful. I first watched her Cara Delevingne tutorial and was blown away by how accurate her looks are. She is still quite 'small' in the Youtube world with around 65 thousand subscribers, but she seriously deserves more, so go and subscribe!

Favourite Songs

Into You by Ariana Grande, Cake By The Ocean by DNCE and Sex by Cheat Codes.

What have you been loving in June?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Spring/Summer Pink Lipsticks

Recently, I have been loving the slightly, more muted pink tones. I think it's to do with summer being here, and England (occasionally) getting warmer, but I am all about the pink shades, especially on the lips. I think these lipsticks would look even better with a tan too, which I will hopefully get next week on my holiday to Spain. I have chosen four lipsticks, all in a similar shade range, with varying prices, to suit anybody's needs.

*Ted Baker (annoyingly doesn't have a shade)
*MAC 'On Hold'
*Revlon 'Devotion'
*Chanel '165'

*Revlon 'Devotion'
*MAC 'On Hold'
*Chanel '165'
*Ted Baker

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Devotion is more of a light pinky nude. This is a really nice option if you are a bit afraid of colour, as it is just on the edge of the nude spectrum. This is also the most wearable option, and it is only £8.99. I have done a more in depth review here of this shade, and two other shades.

MAC Cremesheen lipstick in On Hold is a perfect mix of pink with a bit of red, without being orange. It's formula means that it is slightly glossy, so it is not as statement as a matte, and it is really easy to apply. This is £15.50 and would honestly suit anyone with any skin shade. 

Chanel in 165 is my luxury lipstick option for a bright lipstick, without being too overpowering and neon. This lipstick is quite similar to the MAC lipstick, just with slightly less of a red tinge, so a truer pink. This is £26, but it is worth it for the luxury aspect.

The Ted Baker lipstick I got in a set, and I am unsure of where you can get it now other than eBay, but I have done a more in depth review of the set here, if you're interested. This is more of bright pink lipstick, for those of you who are braver with their makeup, but it is not quite to the neon point.

What's your favourite pink lipstick?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Perfect Summer Sandals

If I haven't said yet, I am going to Spain in just under two weeks with my family and I could not be more excited! However, I am seriously lacking in the shoe department for more warmer weather, so I have been on the look out for cute, but practical, sandals and I think I nailed it. Let me know if you would like to see any other 'holiday' related posts too.

When I was in primary school, and for the beginning of secondary school, my mum would always buy my school shoes from Clarks, and I eventually started to hate them. I thought that Clarks was a shoe shop for either young kids, or older people, and I never thought that their shoes were to my taste. I definitely got a shock when I went in with my Mum last week and saw that they actually now do really nice shoes - I saw quite a few pairs that I would happily wear. These shoes were £50, so quite on the pricey side, but the sole of the shoe is so cushioned and high quality, so would be perfect for being all touristy and walking loads, but they are also so cute! I love the brown with the slightly shimmery gold, and I think they would look so good on any skin tone! They also had a pair in white and blue which I loved too, but I thought that I would get more wear out of these. 

These shoes are from ASOS and are much more affordable at only £20 - what a bargain! They are a light baby blue colour, and are more structured than a traditional sandal, which is perfect as they could also work in England for late Spring and early Autumn too, and any special occasions. They are a patent finish, so will be easy to clean (how boring of me to mention - perfectionist side in me coming out), and are a good alternative to fully open toed shoes. This pair also has a very solid sole, with a slight heel, but again still so cute. 

What are your favourite pair of shoes right now?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Big Book Haul

Okay, most of you probably don't know this, but I love reading (although I'm super slow). If you read my monthly favourites post, I almost always add in a book that I've read, and so for a bit of a different post from me today, I've decided to do a big collective book haul of books (a mixture of first and second hand) that I have been buying for ages but haven't got round to reading yet due to exams - but they finish next week and then it will just be me and books all summer (I promise I'm cooler than that sounded).

Malorie Blackman - Noughts and Crosses, Knife Edge, Check Mate & Double Cross
These books belong to a set, which I have previously read when I was younger. I read them from the library, and so my mum actually bought me the whole set for Christmas as I said I wanted to reread them, as I couldn't remember them as much as I wanted to. This set got me into reading more interesting and thrilling books. They challenge the whole idea of racism and segregation in a completely unique way, which just keeps you wanting to read more and more. I have already started to reread these - I am about halfway through Noughts and Crosses and I cannot put it down.

Sebastian Faulks - Engleby & Where My Heart Used To Beat
During A Level English Literature, I had to read the book 'Birdsong', also by Faulks, and I loved it and so had to buy these to try them out as soon as I saw them. They seem to follow his style of writing - mysterious, compelling, moving - so I'm sure I'll love them.

Victoria Hislop - The Island
This is about Alexis, who is desperate to know more about her mother's past, and eventually does when she visits Crete and Spinalonga, a deserted Greek island. I really loved a similarly set book called 'The Beach', about a seemingly deserted island much like the sound of this one, and so I decided to try it out.

Kate Morton - The Forgotten Garden
This book starts in 1913, and ends two generations later in 2005 (I presume by the blurb). It all focuses on a secret garden in a house that was given to Nell's granddaughter, Cassandra, in her inheritance. It just sounds so intriguing and unusual.
'Before her eyes, the garden changed. Weeds and brambles, decades in the growing, receded. Leaves lifted from the ground, revealing paths and flowerbeds and a garden seat. Light was permitted entry once more...'

Hans Fallada - Alone In Berlin
Basically, I'm a bit obsessed with books set in Nazi Germany times, which this book correlates with. It is a thriller about a man named Otto who's son was killed at the front line. This pushes him to start resisting Hitler's regime, which starts a game of cat and mouse with disastrous consequences.

Harper Lee - To Kill A Mockingbird
This book is quite old (1960s?) but I have not read it yet. I will admit, I mostly bought this book because only the top set in my year during GCSEs did it for English, and I was in the second set, and so I missed out on reading it, and I feel like I missed out. It is still classed as an amazing book that everyone needs to read, so I am obeying and I'm going to read it.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Midnight Palace
I bought this book because I have read a previous book by this author, 'Shadows of the Wind', which was really interesting and different (post here). This book is set in the past, first in 1916 and then in 1932, and it follows a family who seem to have a history of secrets, seeing as two twins didn't even know they were related until they were sixteen. Vogue has described it as 'Murders most foul, chilling crimes and dark deeds' - interesting.

A.S. Byatt - The Children's Book
This book again seems to follow a similar pattern to quite a lot of books I like to read - it is set in the past, Edwardian times, and contains mystery. I feel like life in the past was so mysterious, and families, especially rich ones, always kept secrets, which would never happen today and so it is nice to inject some mystery in to my life.

Monica Ali - Untold Story
This book seems to be about a famous woman who apparently died years ago, but has now been found in a different country, leading a different, more anonymous life. This book sounds like it will touch on the issue of fame versus normality, which is always something that interests me, and so I will hopefully enjoy it.

Kate Atkinson - Life After Life
This book's blurb honestly just caught my attention right from the first sentence:
'What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right?'
An age old question that has been asked is 'what if...' - what if I got up earlier, what if I wore the other outfit, what if I miss the train - everyone always wonders, and I know that I always ask myself these questions and worry myself over stupid little things, and so I thought this book would be highly interesting and keep me gripped, and potentially even change my outlook on certain things. I mean, it has had many very good reviews and it won the Costa Novel Award in 2013, so it doesn't sound like it will disappoint, does it?

Would you be interested in more in depth reviews of these books once I've read them?

Roisin <3

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Brow Routine

Being blonde, filling in my eyebrows is quite a crucial step in my makeup routine as my eyebrows are quite light and sparse, so I thought that for this post I would talk about what brushes and products I use for various different occasions.


I use two brushes - a spoolie from 'LAROC' and a Hard Angle Definer brush from 'Benefit'. Brushing the hairs up first with the spoolie makes it easier to see the outline of my eyebrows, and the brush is perfect for filling in my eyebrows with powder as it is quite small and can be used very precisely. I did a much more in depth review of the 'Benefit' brush if you are interested - here.


I use two different powders, depending on how strong I want my eyebrows to look. This Tanya Burr 'Perfect Brows' palette has a really soft blonde shade - Pebble - which gives me really natural looking brows, so I use this when I want them to still have a good outline, but not look too over the top. The Benefit 'Brow Zings' in Light is a bit darker as it has a more of an opaque formula, so I use it more for when I have a full face of makeup. 

Crayon / Gel

Sometimes I have makeup days when I am either in a rush or putting on a very minimal look, when powders either take too much time or look too strong, and these two products come in handy. The Maybelline 'Brow Drama' Pomade Crayon in Dark Blond is a creamy stick that you run over your brows to fill them in. It takes about one second per brow and applies a little colour to them and keeps them in place. It is a little bit messy though, so just be sure to wipe around the brow to keep them looking somewhat crisp. I have done a more in depth review of this product too - here. The Benefit 'Gimme Brow' in Light/Medium can be used on its own or over other brow products too. It is a gel that has a similar brush to a spoolie that disperses the gel whilst holding the hairs in place. I have done a post about this product too - here.

This is a swatch of the products together:
*Tanya Burr 'Pebble' Powder
*Benefit 'Brow Zings'
*Maybelline 'Brow Drama'
*Benefit 'Gimme Brow'

What products do you use to fill in your brows?

Roisin <3

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Five Favourite Red Lipsticks

Carrying on with my 'favourite products' series, today it is all about red lipsticks. In my collection, I have five red lipsticks that I love and can not rave about enough! If you are interested in this little series I have been writing about, I will leave my previous posts at the end with links.

L-R & T-B:
*Rimmel '107'
*MAC 'Ruby Woo'
*MAC 'D For Danger'
*Maybelline 'Divine Wine 975'
*Revlon Matte Balm in 'Standout 250'

As you can see, they are all extremely pigmented and they are all matte. What can I say, I'm a matte girl - especially when it comes to red lipsticks as I like them to be applied perfectly and stay perfect. 

Rimmel '107' is the cheapest of the bunch at £5.49 and I have had this one the longest. I am even on my second tube of it! I originally got this lipstick after Zoe Sugg (Zoella) raved about it on her Youtube channel about three/four years ago. Since then, I have been loving it and have bought multiple as presents for my friends and family. This is more of a berry red with undertones of purple.

MAC 'Ruby Woo' is a very bright red that is almost on the borderline of looking orange, but not quite. It has undertones of blue, so it makes your teeth look whiter too which is always a bonus. It is £15.50 which might not be the best price for everyone, but for me I think that this is definitely worth the price. This is my most used red at the moment for any occasion and I highly recommend it.

MAC 'D For Danger' is quite similar to Rimmel '107' as it is more along the lines of a berry red, but this lipstick has quite strong undertones of pink instead of purple, making it quite wearable and not as bold as the other lipsticks. This is also £15.50.

Maybelline 'Divine Wine' is the darkest red of the group. It has slight undertones of brown, and so this one I would highly recommend wearing with a lip liner before it, as it can be quite messy to apply. This is my least worn red lipstick, but is it beautiful and I think that it would really suit people with darker skin tones than me. This is £6.99.

Revlon 'Standout' is different. It is a crayon, so application can be a bit tricker as it has a thinner bullet and so you need to be more accurate but the colour and formula is beautiful. This is a true red, but slightly darker so is a good alternative if you are a bit shy of overly bold lipstick. This is £7.99.

What are your favourite red lipsticks?

Roisin <3

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Monday, 6 June 2016

Urban Decay 'Gwen Stefani' Eyeshadow Palette Review

I mentioned this palette in my May Favourites, but I felt that I have been loving this palette so much that it needs its own dedicated post. I have basically been using this palette almost everyday for around two months now, but I have been using it on and off for about six months. It is a limited edition palette, so if you like the look of it (or love it like me) you need to purchase it soon, as I'm not sure when they will stop selling it.

As you can see, this palette is full of super beautiful neutral shades, with a pop of colour on the bottom row. I have yet to use the three colourful shades, but I have ideas for them in the future - especially now that its summer. I love that all of the shades have been named by Gwen herself, and so they all have a personal meaning to her, e.g. her birth year and her home town. The packaging is also simple yet eye catching.

This is the first row in swatches.
Punk / Steady / Skimp / Bathwater / Blonde

My favourite shades from this row are definitely Punk for a deep crease, and Bathwater for a light shimmer shade across the lid.

This is the second row in swatches.
Serious / Zone / Stark / Anaheim / Baby

My favourite shades from this row are Anaheim and Zone as they are the perfect crease shades for an everyday look, as one is more warm toned and one is more cool toned.

This is the third row in swatches.
Blackout / 1987 / Danger / Harajuku / Pop

My favourite shade from this row is Pop, as it just catches the light perfectly.

This palette retails at £40 and you can get it from the Urban Decay website and Debenhams. It is honestly so worth it. The eyeshadows blend and apply so well, and the colour pay off is so good. I 100% recommend this palette to any eyeshadow lovers out there, as it gives you the perfect choice between neutral shades and more out there shades.

Have you got this palette?

Roisin <3