Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Five Favourite Red Lipsticks

Carrying on with my 'favourite products' series, today it is all about red lipsticks. In my collection, I have five red lipsticks that I love and can not rave about enough! If you are interested in this little series I have been writing about, I will leave my previous posts at the end with links.

L-R & T-B:
*Rimmel '107'
*MAC 'Ruby Woo'
*MAC 'D For Danger'
*Maybelline 'Divine Wine 975'
*Revlon Matte Balm in 'Standout 250'

As you can see, they are all extremely pigmented and they are all matte. What can I say, I'm a matte girl - especially when it comes to red lipsticks as I like them to be applied perfectly and stay perfect. 

Rimmel '107' is the cheapest of the bunch at £5.49 and I have had this one the longest. I am even on my second tube of it! I originally got this lipstick after Zoe Sugg (Zoella) raved about it on her Youtube channel about three/four years ago. Since then, I have been loving it and have bought multiple as presents for my friends and family. This is more of a berry red with undertones of purple.

MAC 'Ruby Woo' is a very bright red that is almost on the borderline of looking orange, but not quite. It has undertones of blue, so it makes your teeth look whiter too which is always a bonus. It is £15.50 which might not be the best price for everyone, but for me I think that this is definitely worth the price. This is my most used red at the moment for any occasion and I highly recommend it.

MAC 'D For Danger' is quite similar to Rimmel '107' as it is more along the lines of a berry red, but this lipstick has quite strong undertones of pink instead of purple, making it quite wearable and not as bold as the other lipsticks. This is also £15.50.

Maybelline 'Divine Wine' is the darkest red of the group. It has slight undertones of brown, and so this one I would highly recommend wearing with a lip liner before it, as it can be quite messy to apply. This is my least worn red lipstick, but is it beautiful and I think that it would really suit people with darker skin tones than me. This is £6.99.

Revlon 'Standout' is different. It is a crayon, so application can be a bit tricker as it has a thinner bullet and so you need to be more accurate but the colour and formula is beautiful. This is a true red, but slightly darker so is a good alternative if you are a bit shy of overly bold lipstick. This is £7.99.

What are your favourite red lipsticks?

Roisin <3

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