Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June Favourites

June has probably been one of the worst months this year for me, purely because of exams. However, they are over now and so are A Levels forever, meaning that I am now looking forward to July and my holiday! I have a couple of new favourites this month, so keep reading.

Favourite Makeup Product

Real Technique's Beauty Blender Sponge

I recently bought this, and have been loving applying my foundation with it for a more natural finish. I love the flat edge too, which I haven't seen on a sponge before. This is one of the oddest items I've taken a picture of too.

 Favourite Beauty Product


I recently got my nails done and I love them! I love having nails that look perfect as I bite my nails, which I have tried to stop many times, so acrylics are the only way forward. However, I still like them to look somewhat natural in length and the shape, and I went for purple purely because thats my favourite colour. 

Favourite Fashion Item

I have done a more in-depth post on these sandals here. They are from Clarks and they are not only the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, but they are also super cute too and go with so many different outfits.

Favourite Book

This series is seriously amazing. I am currently about to start book four. I have done a more in depth post on these books too here if you're interested too. This series is technically in the teen fiction category, but I think every age should read it as they talk about such an important issue - racism. In this series, Noughts and Crosses are two opposite races, with widespread segregation and serious consequences if disobeyed. I seriously recommend it to everyone.

Favourite TV Show

I have started rewatching Glee and I am currently halfway through Season 2. At times it is a bit cringe, but I love the music, the dancing and the characters. Fun fact - me and my nan used to watch it together as she's a Glee fan too! It is such a feel good tv programme, who could hate it?

Favourite Youtuber

Makeup by Annalee. She is such a good beauty youtuber and her makeup looks are just beautiful. I first watched her Cara Delevingne tutorial and was blown away by how accurate her looks are. She is still quite 'small' in the Youtube world with around 65 thousand subscribers, but she seriously deserves more, so go and subscribe!

Favourite Songs

Into You by Ariana Grande, Cake By The Ocean by DNCE and Sex by Cheat Codes.

What have you been loving in June?

Roisin <3