Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mini Haul

The other day I went shopping with one of my closest friends, Georgina, who actually recently started a blog! I would love it if you all went over to her blog and gave it some love - Anyway, I bought five products - two eyeshadows and three pairs of earrings and thought I'd show you.

Accessorise were having a 50% off sale, and so I snapped up these pairs of earrings that I thought would be perfect for my holiday!

These gold pineapple earrings are so cute and the tropical theme is perfect for a warm weather holiday. I bought them for £2.

Now these are surely a blogger's dream? They are half marble and half reflective silver metal. These were also £2.

These are a bit more dressy. They are gold circles, with a kind of Aztec print, and a light blue gem in the middle and light blue/green stones dangling at the bottom. I can imagine these would look perfect with a high bun. These were £3.

I then headed to Kiko and bought two single eyeshadows. Unfortunately, these were not in the sale.

This shade is a really light colour, which I liked for the purpose of wearing it on its own for a more natural look, but it still has slight shimmer that is really pretty. This is a single eyeshadow in the shade 33, which is £6.90.

This is so exciting. As you might have realised by now, gold shades are kinda my thing. However, I haven't ever found the perfect gold shade with super light reflecting shimmer. This eyeshadow though, looks to be a good contender. I have heard good things about these 'Water' Eyeshadows and it was £8.90.

Have you got any of these products?

Roisin <3