Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stila 'Eyes Are The Window Palette in Soul' Review

As you all may have gathered by now, eyeshadow palettes are one of my weaknesses. Recently, I spent an M&S voucher from Christmas, and part of it went on purchasing an eyeshadow palette from Stila that I have wanted for the longest time - the 'Eyes Are The Window' Palette in Soul. 

The palette has twelve shades in a variation of formulas - mostly shimmer (my favourites) and mattes. The tone of the palette is not unique, as it falls into the same shade range as many similar palettes, with light champagne and gold shades to warm and cool toned browns. However, there are many options of different combinations of eye looks in this palette, ranging from natural to dramatic, cool toned or warm toned. 

*Light - a matte cream
*Kitten - a shimmer champagne
*Thought - a shimmer dark brown
*Vitality - a shimmer gold

*Individual - a matte warm brown
*Affection - a shimmer copper
*Heart - a matte cool brown
*Substance - a shimmer dark grey/silver

*Being - a matte dark brown
*Character - a shimmer dark brown with red glitter
*Peace - a shimmer dark copper
*Essence - a matte black

The lighter matte shades are not as pigmented as the other shades, but the darker mattes are and all of the shimmers are incredibly pigmented, so overall, the pigmentation is good, and they last a long time on the lids. The packaging is nice and simple, with a big mirror inside and a magnetic close. It is also not too heavy or big, so it would be easy to travel with too. This palette costs £30, which I think is quite a good price for the quality of the eyeshadows. Overall, I would 100% recommend!

Have you got this palette?

Roisin <3