Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Wish List Inspiration

By now you have probably had the classic text or phone call from your parents asking you what you want for Christmas. Or, like my mum, asking for a whole list. I have compiled a list of products that I either have or want, to give you inspiration on what you could ask for, or for you to just buy yourself.


1 - Charlotte Tilbury 'Bond Girl' Lipstick - This lipstick has been on my wish list for about a year and a half now. It is a beautiful brown shade with red undertones, in a matte formula in the prettiest gold packaging. It is £23.

2 - Zoeva Brushes - The set pictured is the set I got last christmas and these brushes are just perfect, but I would honestly recommend any of their sets, or just single brushes. They have the softest bristles, with chic black and gold handles. They are easy to clean and apply makeup brilliantly. The sets range from £35 to £200.

3 - NYX Contour Kit - Contouring has been a big trend for a while now, but I have been wary of trying it as I'm pale, so finding a shade that is natural is a problem. This kit does have the potential to be too dark, but it has at least one shade that could act as a contour for me, and the other three brown shades could be good bronzer shades. This is £18. 

4 - Zoeva 'Nude Spectrum' Palette - This palette has the perfect selection of nude, gold and bronze shades. They are very wearable colours for all skin shades, with a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes. I know I don't really need any more eyeshadow palettes, but a girl can never have too many, right? This is £28.50.

5 - NARS 'Laguna' Bronzer - I'm pretty sure almost everyone has heard of this product by now as it is one of NARS' best sellers. The shade looks suitable for paler skin, as it has more of a grey tone rather than an orange tone, so could work as a contour shade or a bronzer. This is £28.

6 - NARS 'Sheer Glow' Foundation - Christmas is the perfect time to ask for a refill of your favourite foundation, if it is on the pricey side. I love this foundation, and went through a whole bottle earlier on in the year, but I haven't been able to repurchase it yet as it is in the more expensive price range. This is £31.

7 - Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers - I have poker straight eye lashes, so curling them can be a struggle sometimes. These eyelash curlers are supposed to be amazing, and I have heard great reviews on youtube about them, so would of course like to try them on myself! This is £20.

8 - Charlotte Tilbury 'The Golden Goddess' Eyeshadow Quad - These shades are the type of shades that I could wear everyday of my life and not get bored. I have a different palette, 'The Dolce Vita', and the quality of those eyeshadows are very high. They have good pigmentation and shimmer, which I also expect of this palette. This is £38.


1 - Daniel Wellington 'Bristol' Watch - Not only do I love this watch as it is named after where I live, but it is also a beautiful watch, with a brown strap and rose gold around the clock face. What's not to love? This is £139.

2 - Casetify 'Emerald Doodle' Case - A way to keep pretending you got a new phone, is by updating the case. This phone case has a beautiful design of a flower, in greens and blues. This is £31.

3 - Michael Kors 'Selma' Handbag in Cinder - I just love the look of Michael Kors handbags, especially in this design. They look so chic, especially in this taupe colour. It is simple enough to go with any outfit, yet classy enough to be a statement bag. This is £310.

4 - Anna Saccone 'Capricorn' Necklace in Rose Gold - Anna Saccone is one of my favourite Youtubers. If you are not familiar, she is part of the Saccone-Joly's on Youtube (you should definitely check them out!). She has her own collection of necklaces, with a beautiful story behind them about her father, and the idea is that you get your star sign. I, obviously, love the look of it in rose gold. This is £64.

5 - Pandora 'Dazzling Daisy Band' Ring in Rose Gold - I'm clearly following a trend of rose gold at the moment. This ring is beautiful - either alone or stacked. Pandora jewellery is such high quality, for quite affordable prices (for a premium product). This is £75.

6 - Adidas 'Gazelles' Trainers in Pink - These trainers are beautiful. They are girly and cute, without being impractical. They are still comfortable and can go with jeans for an everyday look. This is £75.

7 - ASOS Mermaid Blanket in Pink - I mean, why has this not been a thing before? Of course I want to look like I'm a mermaid, whilst staying warm. Living in university accommodation, I am almost always on the cold side, so I feel like I need this now. There are many different versions of these blankets, but these ones on ASOS are £32.

8 - LUSH Bath Bombs - The bath bomb pictured is 'Intergalactic' which is a solid favourite, but I honestly recommend any bath bombs from LUSH. Bath bombs are such a great product, as they colour your bath and make beautiful patterns, but also relaxes you and nourishes your skin at the same time.

What is on your Christmas list?

Roisin <3