Sunday, 11 December 2016

Winter Nail Varnishes

I am ready for Christmas as soon as Bonfire Day is over. It is my favourite holiday, so I am forever in the mood. This includes painting my nails in festive colours ready for Christmas. Typically, the colour red springs to mind, but I like to save this for the week of Christmas, so I have put together a list of my favourite nail varnishes (that I own) that would be perfect for December, or just winter in general, with links where possible. Apologies in advance for the pictures - my lighting at university is terrible.

This is a gift set that I recently picked up from Boots of Essie nail colours that are perfect for winter. It comes in packaging that is designed to look like a Christmas cracker, so it could either make a perfect gift for someone who loves nail varnishes, or a great treat for yourself as part of Boots' three for two offer. Included in this set, are the shades; a cut above (a sparkly pink top coat), fiji (a pale pink), smokin hot (a purple with undertones of grey) and bordeaux (a red with undertones of purple). I would happily wear any of these shades, and with this set they are technically only £5 each, which is a good deal. Link here.


On the left, is a red shade, with very slight undertones of pink, from Ted Baker. This shade is always in season in my opinion, but is just extra on point around Christmas. Link here. In the middle, is a dark pink/almost red shade, with slight red glitter, from Essie called thigh high. This is my go-to shade during winter, I absolutely love it. Link here. On the right, is a new one I picked up recently from Barry M, called enchanted. This one is a good alternative, as it is not a traditional red colour. I would describe it more as a copper/burnt orange with slight red glitter, that has a duo-chrome effect where it looks gold/green in some light. Haven't tried it on my nails yet but I will soon. Link here.


On the left, is a classic glittery gold shade from Revlon, called gold coin. Gold is another colour that I instantly think of whenever Christmas is mentioned and will never not be festive. Link unavailable as it was from their last collection. On the right, is a classic glittery silver shade from Rimmel, called shooting star. Silver is again, perfect for winter time as it reminds me of ice. Link here.

These metallics are a bit alternative. On the left, is a glittery pink shade from Mac, called girl trouble. This is a good colour for the people who prefer more girly colours all year round, as the glitter still adds a festive vibe. Link unavailable as it was from their last collection. On the right, is my current favourite colour. It is a rose gold shade from Maybelline, called rose veil. It has a matte, metallic look to it and is just so on trend right now. I cannot find a link for it on the boots website, but it was purchased recently in my Maybelline Haul

Top Coats

These two are shades that are slightly transparent, so I would suggest putting over another colour. On the left, it is a Tanya Burr nail varnish from her advent calendar last year, called carnival night. It is a purple, with big multicolour pieces of glitter. Perfect for someone who likes every colour. Link unavailable as it was from her last collection. On the right, is a confetti style polish with red and white glitter from Revlon, called daring graffiti. This is a cooler look that still features the red shades that are perfect for Christmas. Link here.

What are your favourite winter nail varnishes?

Roisin <3