Saturday, 27 May 2017

Life Update

Today I thought that I would just post a big life update as recently things in my life have changed quite drastically! After spending two weeks in hospital having a multitude of various tests conducted on me very professionally and lovingly by the NHS who I cannot fault at all, I have been officially diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma - a type of cancer. It is a highly common and highly curable cancer among teenagers and young adults so I am staying positive about it all. I'm pretty sure that basically everyone in the whole world by now is aware of or has been affected by illness in some form or another, and so is aware that cancer and the treatment of chemotherapy comes with a lot of pretty crappy side effects, which we won't enter in to quite yet, unless you're all very interested.

I am not hiding my illness as millions of people have already faced it, so it will probably pop up on my blog again and feel free to ask me any questions or to write any featured posts and I will try my best! However, my blog's focus will continue to be all things girly and run mostly as normal - e.g, makeup and fashion etc, but now with the occasional lifestyle post thrown in too as I also have a lot more time to dedicate to my blog due to having to take temporary time off from university - so more blog posts anyone?

To prepare for the basic inevitability (although not guaranteed) loss of my hair, I have already had around eighteen centimetres of my hair chopped off, which I have sent off to the Little Princess Trust, because to be honest, I was pretty damn proud of my hair so someone should get good use from it! They are an amazing organisation which takes in hair donations (or money) and makes real human hair wigs and gives them to people who have lost their hair from treatment for free. Link here if interested!

Cut all the way up to the bobby pin! 

Probably see you a lot more frequently. I hope you stay reading!

Roisin <3