Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ardere 'Natural to Night' Palette First Impression

The blogging community is such a wonderful community to be a part of, especially on Twitter. However, I always find myself reading other blogs or watching videos and discovering new products, which I write down on my ever growing wish list. This eyeshadow palette is no exception. 

I first discovered this palette from Ardere from Joyce Lau's 'May Favourites' post (which you can read here). I then watched Amena's 'Natural to Night Makeup Look' video where she showcases her own product (which you can watch here). I was sold and instantly bought it.

The reason that I was able to buy the Ardere 'Natural to Night' Palette straight away was because it costs just £18 online, making each eyeshadow just £2. For this reason alone, I was a bit skeptical at the quality. However, this palette is exceptional. 

The palette is made up of nine extremely wearable and buildable shades with three different formulas: four matte (Peachy, Tea Time, Sunset & Stylish); four metallic (Candlelight, Date Night, Sultry and Stiletto) and one diamond (Diamond). Each shade is highly pigmented - especially the four metallic shades, however these particular shades do come with a slight amount of fall out. The range of shades allows for a number of looks ranging from more natural looks to more glamorous looks, hence the name. 

The packaging could be improved, but as the quality of the eyeshadows inside is so good, in my eyes the packaging can be forgiven. It is in black, sturdy cardboard packaging with a strong magnetic closure. As it is cardboard, the packaging can get grubby, but its nothing a makeup wipe can't fix. The one problem many people may have with this palette is that it does not come with a mirror, so travelling wise you would potentially need to bring another palette too. 

These swatches show the pure pigmentation and quality on their own. I have only used this eyeshadow palette once so far, and I haven't used every single shade yet, but as of right now I highly recommend this palette for everyone. It is so affordable, and honestly incredible quality. I attempted my first 'wearable' cut crease look using this eyeshadow palette, which I will post about soon, so get ready for that if you are interested in purchasing this palette.

Have you tried this palette?

Roisin <3