Thursday, 29 June 2017

Being Supportive

In life, it is quite easy to find yourself feeling negative about certain things that may or may not be under your control. I know I definitely have my days where everything annoys me, nothing goes right, and the green hand of jealousy firmly clamps itself over me and takes control. However, I am also one of the most supportive people ever, and I try and celebrate each little milestone and achievement in everyone's lives, no matter how big or small. I am not a life coach, but I certainly would recommend that you try and be as much of a supportive person in your everyday life as you can be as well, as I find that it helps me to be a more positive person.

Jealousy is not an emotion to be ashamed of. Everyone feels it. I will hold my hands up high and say that I am a jealous person at times. However, do not let this jealousy take over and make you bitter. Just enough jealousy helps to give me drive. I see my favourite celebrities, bloggers, youtubers and influencers and how they have perfect Instagram feeds, sponsorships flooding in, holidays and clothes and makeup to die for, but I take this feeling and I think 'I can do it too' and I go and I like their pictures, and subscribe to their channels, and watch their videos and support them as hopefully one day people will support me. Sometimes in the blogging community, people have the belief that nothing is original anymore, as the bigger bloggers have already been there and done it, but I think each blogger brings something new to the table, as they have a different opinion and there is 100% space for everyone! 

I love supporting my friends in real life too. Most of my friends are going in to their third years of University, and so have been offered great opportunities! My friend Georgina has just started a year's work placement in Hamburg with a company, my friend Abby is studying History in Paris for a year, my friend Lauren is studying Law in Colorado for a year, and my friend Kat is studying English Lit in Berlin for a year! I have obviously already congratulated them all in person and pre-warned them that I'll be visiting them (except America - too expensive) but as a cute extra touch I have bought them all cards and postcards that I will probably regularly send them once I know their addresses. I think people wish their lives to go faster, usually waiting for the next big opportunity, without waiting and taking in what is happening in the present. As a child, you can't wait until you're an adult. Every time you are asked your age, you round up - 'I'm ten and three quarters' - and then once you get to eighteen you almost want life to slow down as you have to make so many decisions. In ten years time, I don't want my friends to think, 'I didn't celebrate that opportunity enough' as travelling and living in a foreign country is so cool and exciting, so I am making sure that they feel supported and loved in all their achievements.

In terms of the blogging community, there are lots of ways that you can be supportive and help make friends. Follow all your favourite bloggers on their social media accounts, comment on their blog posts, join in Twitter chats (I love these), go to blogging events when invited (I'm hopefully going to my first one in August), join groups on social media, and celebrate each milestone for everyone.

My biggest tip in life is to celebrate each little milestone and achievement, no matter how big or small.

As of today:
*my blog has 15 followers on Bloglovin' and 12 on Blogger
*I have written 100 blogposts over two years
*I have 390 Instagram followers
*I have 382 Twitter followers
*I have had 15.5 thousand blog views

My blog may be little at the moment, but I am so proud and you should be proud of yours too.

How do you show support?

Roisin <3