Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My Pandora Collection

When I was younger I had a charm bracelet from Claire's Accessories that I wore everyday. At any occasion I could, I would buy a new charm to reflect an aspect of my life and I made sure that the bracelet was personal to me. Looking back now, it was probably very childish looking with clashes of colours, but to me at the time, it was perfect. 

Fast forward to today, and I no longer own that cute little charm bracelet, which I wouldn't wear now anyway but I wish I owned purely for the memories it contained. However, when I was asked four years ago what I wanted for my sixteenth birthday, I knew I wanted an updated 'grown up' version of this charm bracelet. In my opinion, the perfect brand to achieve this was (and still is) Pandora. It is a luxurious brand, with many different price ranges to appeal to a wide target audience, for example, their charms range from £15 to £565. 

Since my sixteenth birthday I have been slowly curating a little collection of Pandora jewellery of my own, including: two bracelets; five rings; and multiple charms. Throughout this post I will link all of the products that I mention that are still available or are similar, but some may have been discontinued.



My most recent Pandora obsession has been their rings. I have quite chubby fingers, so rings from high street shops tend to either not fit or feel quite cheap, so I wanted to have rings that have proper sizes and that I know I can trust. I highly recommend Pandora rings as my oldest ring is three years old and it is still in perfect condition. 

Dazzling Daisy Band Ring in Rose Gold - here.
Alluring Brilliant Marquise Ring in Silver - here.
January Birthstone Ring - here.
Triple Dazzling Daisy Ring (similar) - here.


For my sixteenth birthday, my family grouped together to buy me a Pandora bracelet and a couple of starter charms. Pandora have multiple options for bracelets, and more recently they have brought out some more unique options such as leather, or coloured, but for now I have just stuck to their more plain options to focus on the charms. I originally got the bottom bracelet, which is their classic style. It has a barrel clasp, and I added the extra daisy safety chain so that if I ever opened the clasp too strong the charms would not fall off. Knowing my sentimental attachment to my Pandora bracelets, just before my Dad passed away he bought me the top bracelet, which is in a bangle style, and a charm to remember him by, so currently I wear the bangle more as it reminds me of him. I prefer the bangle too, as it moves around a lot less, so again allows more focus to be on the charms.

Bangle - here.
Bracelet - here.
Floral Safety Chain - here.


These are my coloured charms. The left one in teal was to match my prom dress, the green floral one is to represent Ireland as I am half Irish and the the red, white and blue one is to represent England as I am half English too. 

Teal Faceted Murano Charm - here.
Green Clover Murano Charm - here.

These are my all silver charms. I have a sea turtle and a penguin as they are some of my favourite animals, a R to represent me (Roisin) and the two floral charms are clips to match the safety chain and they stop the charms from moving around too much and becoming damaged.

Sea Turtle Charm - here.
Flower Burst Clip - here.
Vintage R Charm (similar) - here.

These are my mixed silver with colour charms. I have a handbag bought for me from my mum, as I love fashion. I have a Santa which I put on as soon as it hits Winter as it's my favourite holiday and I'm obsessed with Christmas. I have a purple charm to represent my favourite colour, and the charm on the right matches my January birthstone ring, which is a set that I got from my family for my eighteenth birthday.

Sparkling Handbag Charm (similar) - here.
Father Christmas Charm - here.
Purple Pave Ball Charm - here.
January Signature Heart Birthstone Charm (similar) - here.

These are two more silver charms bought for me by my mum. The study charm was for passing my A Levels and the shell is because my favourite Disney Princess is Ariel and if I could, I would choose to be a mermaid. 

Study Book Charm - here.
Tropical Starfish & Sea Shell Pendant Charm (similar) - here.

These are my hanging charms and a charm that doesn't stand up. The reindeer is simply again because I love Christmas, so I wear it in Winter along with Santa. The hanging heart is from my Dad so I constantly wear that one and the big heart is from my Mum.

Red-Nosed Reindeer Charm (similar) - here.
Sparkling Heart Pendant (similar) - here.
Sparkling Heart Charm - here.

This is my current set up for my Pandora bangle, and now you know the story behind it!

I am not only recommending Pandora for yourselves as a treat and a great brand with good customer service, but they also make great gifts for friends and family, especially when you include a little story of why you bought them the product you did!

Have you got any Pandora jewellery?

Roisin <3