Sunday, 18 June 2017

Rimmel London 'Brow Shake Filling Powder' Review

Rimmel London recently brought out some new products for their eyebrow collection, and one product in particular caught my eye. I have been pretty loyal to Benefit's Brow Zings since around 2015, but anything slightly cheaper and quicker is always useful.

I do prefer the trend of slightly thicker eyebrows, and I maintain my eyebrow's shape myself now after the last time, a year ago, when I got them waxed at my local beauty salon and was left with hardly any eyebrows! However, I do still prefer my eyebrows to look like eyebrows - the classic Instagram brow is slightly too strong of a look for me as I am pale and blond. If you prefer this style too, this product might not be for you.

The Brow Shake Filling Powder comes in four shades; Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Soft Black. I picked up the lightest shade, and in my opinion it is a great colour match. The applicator is a flexible thin sponge which you drag through your brows, and it evenly dispenses a pigmented, smooth powder which lasts all day and doesn't transfer. I would say that you do need to have a shape to your brows already, as this product isn't very good at drawing in individual lines and getting precise lines. If you do want it to look slightly more precise, you could always run an eyebrow brush through it afterwards, or clean it up with concealer or a matte powder. If you have particularly unruly brows, you will still need to use a setting gel over the top too.

 This is how my eyebrows looked after using this product. As you can see, they look full and thick, and the colour match is good, without them being too over done - they could still pass off as natural. For £5.99 I would highly recommend this product as it is very user friendly and fast - I did my eyebrows from start to finish in about three minutes.

There are times when I will still use other brow products, such as if I was going out out and wanted a heavier makeup look, or if I wanted my eyebrows to look extra good one day, when I would resort to other products that are more precise, but for an everyday look you cannot go wrong with these products.

Have you tried Rimmel's Brow Shake Filling Powder?

Roisin <3