Wednesday, 5 July 2017

June Review and July Bucket List

Another month has passed, but luckily we are now in the more exciting six months of the year! We've got summer, Halloween and then Christmas - is it too early to be getting this excited already? Last month I wrote my first 'Bucket List' post, and I really enjoyed using the time to reflect whilst I was writing it, so I've decided to continue it on as a little series. Please feel free to leave your goals for your bucket list for the month too - I'd love to read them and help support each other!

June Review

 1) Re-learn the piano! 

I started this one well by buying a new piano book, and I re-taught myself the chords and notes so that I was slightly faster at sight reading the correct notes, and I even learned the first song in the book but then it slipped to the back of my mind and I haven't practised now in a good two weeks. I definitely want to try and continue this into July, and potentially push myself to learn at least two more songs.

2) Write more blog posts!

I feel like I did succeed in this. I've re-discovered my love for my blog since finishing university for the year and I have really started putting more effort in. I ended up writing nine blog posts in June, which is how many I managed to produce for 2017 alone before that, so I am very pleased. Again, I am definitely going to try and keep posting twice a week for the foreseeable future, so leave me any suggestions of future blog posts you want to see!

3) Incorporate fashion in to my blog!

Other than my blog post about 'Two New Shoulder Bags', I have failed on the fashion front. I am currently taking a high dosage of steroids daily, and an unfortunate side effect of this is the fact that I never feel full, and so I have unfortunately gained weight, and so I currently have no interest in taking pictures of my body and putting it on my blog. However, I do still love fashion, so this goal is on the back burner until I get and feel better and more confident.

July Bucket List

1) Grow my social media accounts.

Recently I have been loving Twitter, especially the blogger chats, and the blogging community. I have recently hit 400 followers on both Twitter and Instagram, which I am quite proud of! I would love to put more effort in to these accounts and hopefully see more new followers in July too.

2) Cook.

When I was at university, I loved cooking my own food and being self-sufficient (except cleaning - ugh), but ever since coming home I have been so lazy and just let my mum cook for me. However, I want to get into cooking again and so I have brought out my cook books and I am ready to get inspired, so maybe I'll share my favourite recipes in a blog post soon?

I'll leave it at two goals for my July Bucket List, as I will still continue to re-learn the piano.

I just wanted to say a little paragraph at the end of this blog post to say thank you to anyone who has ever read, commented, or shared any of my blog posts - it means so much to me! This month has been the best month in my little blog's two year history! I hit 3,878 views this month, which is triple my second best monthly views, and I hit 15,000 total views! Lots of my blog posts have been receiving many comments, which I love and I always reply to! I hit a milestone and published my 100th blog post without even realising!  I've reached 18 Blogger followers and 26 Bloglovin followers which is crazy so thank you so much everyone!

As always, my links to my social media pages are on the right of this post, please feel free to follow me and talk to me via Twitter or Instagram, and follow me on Bloglovin to stay updated with my posts! 

Roisin <3