Sunday, 16 July 2017

PS... 'Havana Complete Face Palette' First Impression

Primark has its own range of beauty products, but for someone who loves makeup and who also loves a good deal, I haven't actually tried any of it. However, recently one of my aunt's friends bought me a lovely present of a selection of makeup from Primark. One thing in this beautiful bundle was the 'Havana Complete Face Palette' which I fell in love with on first sight.

First of all, the packaging is a cardboard palette with a magnetic close. The one drawback of the packaging is that it doesn't come with a mirror, and the inside packaging can get quite grubby, but it is easily cleanable. I love the summery vibe from the tropical print though!

(without flash)

(with flash)

As you can see, the palette comes with four shades: highlight; bronze; blush; and contour. 'Highlight' is a beautiful light golden shade, perfect for any skin colour as an intense highlighter. 'Bronze' is a slightly darker golden shade, with slightly less pigmentation. I personally would use it as another highlighter as opposed to a bronzer, as I prefer a more matte bronzer. 'Blush' is a lovely matte baby pink shade which would again, suit any skin colour, and it can be built up to be as natural or as intense as you would like. 'Contour' is quite a dark brown matte contour shade, but used sparingly and blended out, it can work for all skin tones. It definitely has grey undertones, so it doesn't look orange at all, which is perfect. 

You get 7g of each powder, so the palette itself is quite big and definitely worth the money. Unfortunately I'm unaware of the price, as I got it as a gift and Primark has no online shop (but when it does - goodbye all of my money!), but as it is from Primark's beauty range I cannot imagine it being too expensive. I would guess it would cost under £10, but this palette is actually very good quality, so I would personally pay up to £20 for it. 

Have you tried any of Primark's makeup range?

Roisin <3